Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Clazzerati's Couture Challenge #6

I told you I was on a bit of a roll with the sewing.  Ok, so i'm still behind on my target of one new thing per month, but i'm halfway there.  Not bad by my standards!

Challenge #6 is a simple polka dot top.  I'm a real sucker for a polka dot and when I went to the fabric store and saw they had a whole load of new polka dot fabrics, I couldn't resist.

I made view C (bottom left)
If you're just stating out in sewing, New Look patterns are great as they're super easy to follow and have really clear instructions.
What do you need?  Just some material and a zip, easy!
Only four pattern pieces required for this top, thank god

Cutting the fabric - this is where a long table comes in really handy

Tailor's chalk - perfect for marking out your dart lines
Sewing said darts
Starting to resemble a top, yay!
Before adding a zip I always tack it in place to ensure it fits perfectly.  I used to 'wing-it' thinking I totally didn't need to do this extra step (have I mentioned i'm lazy before?) but it always went wrong.  Don't shun the tacking!

Once you've sewed the zip, you can then remove the tacking, et voila, a perfectly stitched zip.

Said zip in place (excuse the creases)
Added the neck lining
Neck lining done, and the first sleeve!

Hemming.  Always my least favourite part because the top/dress/whatever is essentially finished but you need to do the boring task of finishing the edge.  I am guilty of not hemming tops and just wearing them with high-waisted skirts/trousers so no-one sees.
Et voila!
again, excuse the creases.  Must get more acquainted with the iron
And on aside, today is my birthday (i know, the never-ending birthday right?).  And so the Bot and I are off to Cornwall for a little mini break. Au revoir mon cheries xxx


  1. You are SO talented! I wish I could do stuff like this. I did Textiles for GCSE and A-level but I'm so impatient and get stressed doing fiddly things in my old age.

    Happy birthday!! :) xx

  2. Happy Birthday! This top is far too cute, you wear it very well. I have a sewing machine and I really must figure out how to use it properly. Got a few things to get settled and then I shall rectify that!

    Caz x

  3. Wow, well done! Looks great, I have a pattern lurking in my wardrobe for a tunic top, you may have inspired me. :)


  4. You are so talented, I wish I could sew like this!

    Maria xxx


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