Thursday, 1 September 2011

Clazzerati's Couture Challenge #5

I'm still behind on my target of making one new thing a month - this should be number 8, but i'm pretty sure I can pull it out of the bag before Christmas (she wishes hopefully!).  So far this year i've made a 1950s dress, American Apparel style skirtknitted cushion covers, and another 1950s style dress!

Clazzerati's Couture Challenge #5 is a head scarf. I'm a complete sucker for a head scarf (see my earlier post today) and I had a bit of leftover material from when I made this dress so I thought i'd whip up a head scarf. Plus, I have just received this super duper shiny new machine courtesy of the lovely people at Janome - I can't recommend these sewing machines enough, so smooth!  

Shiny new machine - in heaven!

This really is a beginner's sewing project, so if you've never sewed before, give it a go!

What you need?
  • Scrap material
  • Thread
  • Machine!

Diagram 1
You want to cut a piece of material about 40 inches x 6 inches.  But it really depends on how long you like your scarf!  I based my measurements on an old scarf which I often tie up in a bow, but if you fancy a longer scarf, just extend the dimensions.

Next up, you want to fold the width ends over to form a triangle.  Measure 3 inches in on the length - this is where you'll fold the flap down to (diagram 2 & 3).  You'll find you need to fold the second flap over the first, so it overlaps (diagram 4). Press the triangle in place, and repeat at the other end.
Diagram 2

Diagram 3

Diagram 4

Fold the material in half along the centre point (red line, diagram 4) so the right side of the fabric is inside (diagram 5).  And press.  Do not skip the pressing stage; it makes life a whole lot easier, promise!  Now stitch along the blue line (diagrams 5 & 6) along ONLY ONE of the short sides, leaving a 0.5cm seam allowance (I know, I totally mix up my inches and centimetres, that's life!).  You need to leave one of the short ends open so you can turn your material the right way!

Diagram 5
Diagram 6
Now for the fun part, turning the bad boy inside out (diagram 7).  However, unlike me, you'll want to clip the corners, before you turn your tube inside out (this useful diagram will show you how).   This will give a nice point when you turn it inside out, unlike mine that was lovely and bulky (I'm a bit rusty on my sewing techniques!).

If you're having trouble turning the tube inside out try pushing the material through with a knitting needle.  I tend to push the material through, and pull at the other end. It takes a little while but you'll get there!

Diagram 7

Time to press again!  Squish the tube flat so one seam is the where you've already sewn along the long edge, and the other side is the folded edge where the point of the scarf is (red line = folding line, diagram 8).
Diagram 8

And finally, sew along the short edge which is still open (diagram 9)
Diagram 9

Et voila!  One head scarf, tie as you will!

Let me know how you guys get on, i'd love to see your finished results! xx


  1. I will definitely be trying this, you look amazing!

    Maria xxx

  2. Its so cool that you can sew,you're very talented x

  3. Great post!
    You have a lovely blog :)

    Annest X


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