Monday, 8 August 2011

SW Craft Club - pop-up

On Sunday I attended a fabulous crafting event hosted by the lovely Zoe of SW Craft Club. Zoe set up SW Craft Club in 2010 because she was frustrated about the lack of information about crafting events taking place in south London.  They were taking place, sure, but it was an impossible task to find them.  It was all east and north London, whatever!

SW Craft Club has become the place to go to find out about crafty things in SW London and this summer she hosted two great pop-up events, showcasing some of the local crafts going on in south London, and all for free.  What a nice lady she is.

I missed the first event but made it down yesterday. Totes amaze.  There were loads of free crafting workshops going on: cupcake decoration, brooch-making, sewing, up-cycling, interior design advice.  And even some swishing.  Confused?  I'll explain.  Swishing is a fab concept; you bring in your old unwanted clothes, the ladies grade them, and you are given a voucher to exchange these clothes for some new ones.  Genius, hey?  I have to confess that is was a little insanse, people bashing into you, grabbing anything insight.  I had only picked up two possibles (I was able to chose five things) but then I changed my mindset.  Why not look for things I can upcycle and amend.  This made the process so much easier.  Now I didn't have to care about size, rather whether the material was good.  So I lucked out with a couple of shift tops that just need taking in slightly!

Miss Cupcake...

...and her delicious cupcakes!

My fabulous new brooch!
Clockwise from top right: Red suede heels, red velvet shift top, gold brocade shift top, 50s style polka dot skirt, blue sailor-esk tunic

Did you have a fun weekend?

In other news, do you remember I went to Brighton last weekend with the girls?  Well, here is a little video of our adventure!

Happy Monday all xx


  1. This is such a good idea! I wish there was a swishing event near me, I may have to organise one :)

    Maria xxx

  2. hi dear nice blog! check out mine I'd glad we could follow each other!
    hope to hear from u soon and see u follow me ! I follow you back xoxoxo

  3. A craft fair!?!? Really!? This is wear living in idaho has its own disadvantages.... unless you want to go to farming camp, there's next to nothing else to do unless you want to take up your own hobbies ;) This is awesome!!!


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