Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Maybe it's because i'm a Londoner, that I love London town

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The breakdown
Skirt: Primark (2010), £15 ish
Top: Primark, £11 ish
Shoes: Kate Kanzier, £25
Bag: vintage, £4
Ring: market in Rome, 3 euros

Hello my lovelies, how are your weeks going?

This week has been simply insane.  Even if you're not from the UK you must have seen all the riots going on in London and the rest of the UK.  Clapham Junction, where the riots were really severe on Tuesday night, is right by where I live and work.  I have a friend who lives right by there and she could see people running down her street with TVs, stashing them in people's gardens, and running back for more.  I'm sure everyone has an opinion on this, but all I really have to say it that i'm really sad about these events. 

There is talk of cancelling Notting Hill Carnival.  Carnival is one of my favourite events of the year; a free event where people come together to celebrate music, incredible dancing and our wonderful city. It would be such a shame if it didn't happen this year. London is one of the best cities in the world, and the actions of a small minority are ruining it for all. I'm also rather p*ssed off because they burnt down my favourite fancy dress shop, and you know how much I love fancy dress.

What these riots have shown though, is our strength of spirit in London.  On Wednesday over 500 people came together to help clean up the mess.  Young and old, nicknamed 'The Broom Brigade', joined together and helped to put our city back together.  You can't keep us down for long!

This is how I feel about the rioters, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
I hope your weeks are going well, and if you're in the UK you are keeping safe. xx


  1. haha loveit!!love the skirt x

  2. Yes to broom brigade! I love this outfit, perfect for a more easy going day :)

    Maria xxx


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