Monday, 22 August 2011

It's a boat life for me

My lovelies, did you have a fun weekend?

Mine was filled with boozy catch-ups with friends and messing about on the river.  Perfect really.

I picked up this dress while I was in Paris with mum, earlier this year.  It was love at first sight; distinctly 70s, with a hint of the 50s thrown in for good measure.  The material is light - perfect for warm summer days and the detailing on the back lets in just enough air to send a shiver down your spine!

Abandoned boat house - want.

The great escape

Lots of material + big gusts of wind on the river = much amusement for me and the Bot.  And a few flashes for the rest of the river crew!

The breakdown
Dress: vintage via a little shop in Monmarte, Paris, 18 euros
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins, £25
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters, £15

Happy Monday xx


  1. was this in/near guildford?! i recognise that boat house!
    Rosie xo

  2. Hey Rosie, it's inbetween Hampton Court and Kingston - must be a copycat boat house!! Hope you're well poppet xx

  3. I was just about to say Kingston!! I have been in a boat down that route Kingston - Hampton Court sooo many times!! It's a great route and the houses there are amazing!!
    BTW I bet you were turning heads in that number ! Perfection!

    tales from south of the river

  4. These photos are gorgeous! Love the print on your dress and the cut out back detail! It looks so perfect for the occasion! xx

  5. hehe I love that there's a pair of gummies propped next to your darling cream shoes in the boat :) Great Frock too!

  6. Fabulous photos but LOVE that last one!

  7. That dress is so pretty! I love vintage shopping in Paris, so many bargains to be had.

  8. Well this looks like it was a lovely week-end! I love your dress with all the summery colours in the print of the fabric and the open back :)

  9. Okay, this is really spooky: I came here to send a really heartfelt thank you for your comment. I haven't been on blogs for ages - have barely been able to post - and I allowed myself one blog-visit, and this post.. the photos are gorgeous, Clazz. I love the dress, agree it's kind of 50s, maybe 70s or even 60s, so Audrey Hepburn/Parisien, and love the swans (and the idea that the Bot is 'delightfully grumpy' - that's my Mr. Dot to a T) but also, here's the spooky part:

    YESTERDAY, we were driving back from Surrey. The DG above mentioned husband wanted to show me a 'Huff House' that his friend had shown him, somewhere on the Thames, near Hampton. We were lost for a while - we even asked a guy walking by the road if he knew where the Thames was and he looked at us like we were crazy - we were coming from that direction but had made the U turn before reaching it - I mean, we COULDN"T HAVE MISSED IT. Eventually we gave up, at which point, we found said Huff House: on the Thames. Somewhere between Hampton and Kingston. I can picture exactly where this is. I wonder if we were there the same moment. Gotta show him now.

    You look radiant, btw. Gorgeous. The sunglasses make it more 70s. Love the swans. And that last photo is perfect! xx

  10. That boat ride looks so nice and peaceful
    Love your dress btw... it's perfect for the occasion


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