Thursday, 25 August 2011

Could you live in a caboose?

Forget living in a flat.  Maria-Webber lives full-time in this totally rad Soo Line train caboose, built in 1909.  Originally a holiday home, Maria moved in permanently following her divorce. She has spent 36 years doing it up; installing electricity, plumbing, a bathroom and some outside decking.  And furnishing it in the most delightful way - right up my strata.

The best bit about living in a caboose?  Maria says she can clean the whole thing in 15 minutes flat.  Dreamy.

Who wants to club together and buy one then?

All pictures via Tinyhouse blog


  1. Wow looks gorgeous! And somehow seems a lot more glamourous than living in a caravan ala my big fat gypsy wedding....

    I don't think I could handle it long term, but I'd definitely like to stay in one!

  2. Oehw it's actually a brilliant idea!
    It would be great for now, as a studentappartement! It's cute, cosy and indeed very handy to clean up!
    Never thought of it!


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