Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Clazzerati's Couture Challenge #4

My New Year's resolution this year was to make more clothes, so I set the challenge of making one new item each month.  This evolved into making one new thing a month (you can see my previous goodies here).  I started so well and then, as usual, my interest went elsewhere and I stopped, which means i'm four months behind on hand-making heaven. Until now!  

As you know,i'm a bit partial to the 50s, so of course, I chose another 50s style dress to make! Yes, i'm that predictable. I'm really pleased with how the dress turned out even if, as the Bot put it, it rather resembles a 1950s apron!

I made dress view D

I'm a sucker for a polka dot and couldn't resist this retro looking beauty, which came in at £5.99 per metre (I needed two metres for this dress)

 The pattern pieces

 Pin the pattern to the fabric

 Start cutting!

 The bodice, starting to take shape

Front pockets, done

 Bodice attached to skirt

 Adding the trim (I chose a lemon sorbet colour, the same colour as one of the polka dots)

 Trimming on!

 Buttonholes taking shape

 Top tip: always iron/press before sewing a seam, it makes life sew (oh come on, like you couldn't resist!) much easier

 Et voila, the finished result!

Recognise the hair?  Seeing as i'd gone to all the effort to style it up for the Matalan blogger competition it seemed rude to waste it! (In other news my tan has massively faded; these pics were only taken on Sat and i'm already looking back and feeling sad that i'm no longer that brown.  Yes, i'm vain, deal with it.)

I'm off to Secret Garden Party festival tomorrow, cannot wait! I've got my fancy dress costume at the ready, my sequins are primed and I can't wait to start jumping around in a field (and most likely getting covered in mud if this weather continues).  See you next week kiddos! xx


  1. wowww the fact that you made that is AMAZING!
    i wish i was that talented!!
    Rosie xo

  2. Fabulous! Fancing coming to Glasgow to teach me?!! Ha! My sewing machine is just lying here till I get time to get to a class again.

    Caz x

  3. you are incredibly talented and the end result looks great! well done :)

    Tales from South of the River

  4. Love what you are doing! The dress looks amazing!

  5. This is fantastic, you are so talented :)

    Maria xxx

  6. wowieee you're skilled with a machine! :D I love making my own clothes too but also never have tiiimme - that old hting again. This is brilliant ho - very high standard, I'm sure you're super happy - it looks awesome and great job on the hair too, looks terribly fiddly to do!

  7. that dress is so cute! ♥

  8. Oh my god it's amazing! What a fab job x

  9. Amazing dress, how long did it take to make in total?

  10. This is absolutely stunning! Is it easy enough to make your own dress? I would really like to start it!

  11. That is so gorgeous! I have a fashion design degree, can pattern cut, yet NEVER make my own stuff. I really need to start making again - and you've just inspired me to! Cx

  12. Thank you for all your sweet comments and apologies for only just responding, i've been offline for a while at a festival!
    Lucy - the dress probably took about 5/6 hours of continuous work, but I completed over the course of two days.
    Steph - I tend to find New Look patterns (no connection to the shop!) the easiest to follow, but I also took an intro to sewing course to brush up on the basics. E-mail me if you'd like details!


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