Friday, 3 June 2011

Re-create the classic 1950s shirt for under £5

There are two things I really, really love; Audrey Hepburn and the 1950s.  And both of these influence the way I dress.  If I could spend my life in brogues, Capri pants, shirt dresses with a scarf in my hair i'd be a happy lady.

There are loads of cropped, front tie knot, sleeveless shirts around at the moment, the high street is full of them...

...but why pay up to £60, when you can easily re-create this look for under a fiver?

Here's how, this really is totes simple peeps.

1. Head to your nearest charity shop and find a decent looking shirt. I found mine at the Salvation Army for a budget-busting £4!

2. Try the shirt on to make sure it fits in the body.  At this point it you may be feeling a bit frumpy, but I promise you're only a few snips away from happiness.
 (when you're choosing your shirt look out for cute embellishments or 
embroidery like this one)

3. Now you either need a seem riper (you can find these in John Lewis) or a pair of scissors.  I started off with a seam riper but quickly lost patience so switched to scissors! Following the seam line, start chopping off the arms.

One arm down and it's starting to take shape!

Et voila, once you've cut off both arms, simply tie a knot at the front and you're finished!

It really is that simple!

And if you're not comfortable showing off your bra to all and sundry a la myself above i'd suggest either wearing a little vest, or a cute bralet underneath. 

Happy Friday my lovelies, i'm off to the Isle of Wight again this afternoon but with the weather the way it is right now I can't think of anywhere else i'd rather be than by the sea, messing about on boats.  Heavenly.

Mwa xxx 


  1. This is a great idea! There are always some great finds in charity shops, the little details of shirts are gorgeous! x

  2. Great idea,love the detail on the shirt :)


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