Friday, 24 June 2011

Oh Paris, I will always love thee

Yesterday Rome, today Paris!

After three days in Rome mum and I traveled to Paris to catch up with a friend of my dad's - i've been promising to visit for two years so the visit was well overdue!  The thing I love about Paris is that it doesn't seem to change, yet every time I visit I see a whole new city.  Like Rome i've been to Paris a few times, which means I don't have to spend my time rushing to see all the tourist attractions, I can just wonder round and take the city in.  There are always some places I have to go - Montmarte with its views over the city and bustling square - but for the rest of my time i'm quite happy for the city to take me on a journey of its own.

Padlocks on the Ponts de Arts bridge. Couples traditionally attach a padlock, with their names inscribed, to the side of the bridge, and throw the key into the Seine to symolise their everlasting love.  How sweet.

My friend, Cecilia's, tres chic Parisian apartment where she spoilt us with champagne and nibbles!

Mum and Cecilia

Cecilia's gorgeous cat, Louis

The Montparnasse Tower - the venue for our dinner
View from our table - the Eiffel Tower was sparkling with a thousand lights and looked incredible.

Mmmm lobster broth


You can't go to Paris and not have a croissant

I love how these men would pop in for breakfast (coffee and croissant, naturally) and casually read their paper, before setting of on their day.


There is so much interesting graffiti in Paris, I loved this woman's hair and profile

Fruits de Mer - everytime

I loved this lady with her musical  trolley, blasting out Edith Piaf, Milord

There seems to be a trend for stick-on graffiti in Paris

At the top on Montmarte, my favourite part of Paris

You can't go to Paris and resist the temptation of the patisserie!

I LOVE creme caramels

Another city, another flea market!

The most incredible shop, full of vintage designer dress etc. including Louis Vitton, Chanel.  The shop is so cool it doesn't even have a name, but it's well worth a visit if you can (it's in the north of the city in the Les Puces de Saint-Ouen market)

Banana and nutella crepe, standard

We stumbled across this band playing in the Jardin du Luxembourg and were treated to a free little concert.  Love unexpected stuff like this!  

Have wonderful weekends one and all - according to the BBC it's going to be a scorcher in London, so enjoy! xx


  1. Another beautiful city! The pictures look stunning and I'm now incredibly jealous! I've always wanted to go to Paris, hoping this year is the year, but went to Normandy last May, it's beautiful. I'd recommend it if you've never been!

  2. Paris is so beautiful!!
    And Cecilia is beautiful, too! ;)

    ♥ Dressy Celeb ♥

  3. Beautiful City.
    Amazing shots!


  4. I loved looking at your pics, they're so pretty and describe the wonderful city of Paris so well ! Kisses from Italy

    Fashion and Cookies

  5. Hello…your blog is really nice!

    And you are WONDERFUL!

  6. wow so many beautiful pics :) i love them all and i can´t wait to see paris..hopefully soon :)


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