Thursday, 23 June 2011

My Roman Holiday

I'm back in Blogger's good books and finally able to post some pics from my travels, yippee!  Believe it or not this is the edited version of my photos, I tend to get a bit snap happy abroad, despite having been to Rome at least five times i'm still in awe of its greatness!

One thing I did notice this time round is that 99% of women wear wedges here, from young girls to the always classically dressed older ladies, everyone wears wedges.  And when you head out at night in heels you suddenly understand why, those cobbles are a NIGHTMARE in anything but wedges!

Enjoy xx

The Spanish steps

Dressing like a Roman is de rigueur here

I love this lady, she treated her dogs like children and they hung on her every word.  And the big dog is holding a toy Scooby Doo, in case you were wondering.

My papa used to live on this street - happy and sad memories here

The Pantheon, too wonderful for words

Inside the Pantheon, beautiful

My favouirte place in Rome, the Fontana di Trevi.  It may be predictable, and the favourite place for most tourists, but  I can't get enough of it

Beautiful statues and fountains and buildings are everywhere in Rome, and with the backdrop of the vibrant blue sky I simply can't get enough

This couple had just got married and were wondering around outside the Pantheon, when a choir got up from their dinner and serenaded them - it was an incredible moment to be a part of.  And made me realise you can't plan every aspect of your wedding, for sometimes the unexpected parts are the bits you'll remember the best!

Me and mum, coiffing Prosecco - when in Rome...

I loved this couple's honesty - so seventies, so hippy
We picked up some fab bargains at the flea market - I got a piece of embroidered lace for €1 and mum picked up a dress and some beads for under €10!

Digging those chairs

Mmmmm pizza!  When we got to the Coliseum we were desperate for some food and as usual got persuaded by the waiters to eat in this particular bar.  It was only after about 10 minutes that I realised everyone was in couples, male couples, and we're stumbled into a gay bar, ha ha!  It was amptly named 'Coming Out'!

The Colesium - iconic

Bearing my legs in shorts, eek!

Bolognese, divine

If you come to Rome, you have to visit Harry's Bar on Via Veneto. The bar featured in the 1960 classic La Dolce Vita and was THE place to be seen in the 60s - all the greats hung out here!  I was so born in the wrong decade.

Last but not least, Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday.  I saw this on the wall in a little restaurant mum and I frequented and I couldn't resist.  I'm sure they thought I was strange taking pictures of their wallpaper, but I love this image! 
Happy Thursday my lovelies, more photos tomorrow! xx


  1. These pictures are gorgeous! I've wanted to go to Rome for so long now, these just make me want to see the magic even more!


  2. Exquisite photos, looks like you spend the holiday terrific.

    man with van London

  3. Great photos, I think its my favourite european city. I so want to go back!

    The doll on fashion

  4. your choice of clothes is brilliant! all very chic, and you fit in ^_^
    looks like fun!
    i really want to go there <3

  5. I am going to Italy in the summer and I can't wait to visit Rome! these photos look fantastic and you look lovely :)

    Maria xxx


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