Friday, 10 June 2011

How-to...fix a broken bikini

I hate it when my favourite bikini breaks.  Normally this means a one-way ticket to bin-dom but not anymore.  I loved this bikini so when it went 'pop' last year while I was in France I was determined to fix it. And i've finally done it!  

This is a super easy tutorial to do, I reckon it took 15 mins max, schweet!

Pop down to your local haberdashery and grab a pack of bikini buckles.  Super cheap.

Now grab your seam ripper and open the seam so you can remove the broken clasp.
 Remove the broken clasp.
Loop the new clasps in place, ensuring they are the right way round i.e. the clasp shuts.  The last thing you want is to finish and realise the damn thing doesn't actually shut!

Now grab your thread and needle...

...and sew the clasps in place.  You could machine this but it only takes a couple of mins to sew.

Double check the clasp shuts.  Phew!

Et voila.  Bikini fixed, just in time for Turkey on Monday!

I hope you're all having wonderful weeks.  I'm writing this on Tuesday, just before I leave for Rome but by now I should hopefully be suning myself on the Spanish steps and throwing coins in the Trevi fountain!

Have wonderful weekends and i'll try and do a quick post on Monday showing you my holiday snaps!

With love from Rome

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  1. jealous of your trip!
    great tutorial though :D
    Rosie xo


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