Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Prwetty skirts

We took these pics a few weekends ago (you remember, when summer was here) when I was visiting my mum in St. Albans. It's funny, when I left St. A to go to uni I kinda fell out of love with the place, but now when I go back visit I appreciate the place so much more. This park is just incredible with a great lake in the middle full of ducks and coots etc. There were even four heron nests - we saw one of them sitting up with his wings spread doing what I can only describe at sunbathing, a heron after my own heart!

In mama's garden

I picked up the skirt a couple of years ago from Absolute Vintage - it was so pretty that for £12 I couldn't resist.  I also love the fact that I won't see anyone else wearing it - that's the best bit about vintage clothes.  That, and the price.  Double-whammy!

The breakdown:
Skirt: vintage via Absolute Vintage, £12
Vest: Primark (2010), £5
Belt: vintage Jaeger via Spitalfields market, £15
Shoes: Kate Kanzier, £25
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters, £15
Bag: Argentina
Necklace: very old Accessorize

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that summer is on it's way back - i'm sure the good old Carol on BBC said it was going to reach 24 C today in London, stop press!

In other news i've supersized the blog so you can hopefully see the pics a bit clearer.  It's taking a while to get used to because everything is so, well, big, but as they say, change is a good thing!

Happy Wednesday lovelies



  1. Great photo's love your skirt,i got the lemon print dress and the bold colour yellow/blue/orange dress after seeing them on your blog and so love the lemon print one,everyone loves that one,just found out my friends fetch it after reading about it on my blog too,thanks :)

  2. Lovely photos and that skirt is divine! :) I love the little pig too- how cute! :D

    Maria xxx

  3. That skirt looks great on you!
    Love the pattern on it!


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