Tuesday, 17 May 2011



Right now all I really feel like doing is jumping in a campervan and driving till I hit the coast. I am however lacking one VW campervan.  The Bot and I are desperate to buy one but right now it's not exactly practical.  First, obvs, is money.  Second, where the heck would we park it in London?  We'd need a driveway really, so i'm on the hunt for a new flat.  Because it totally makes sense to buy a whole new flat just for a VW campervan.  Actually, it probably does.

Still, even without a campervan I really do love nothing more than a little camping trip.  Being outside in the fresh air, breakfast al fresco, the rain pounding the tent preventing me from sleeping.

Need some ideas on where to go camping?

Head for the Isle of Wight and camp out in one of these amazing vintage Airstreams at Vintage Vacations.  So retro, so chic, i'm sold.

Or hit Cloud Farm in Devon.  Set amongst the beautiful picturesque landscape you can camp by the river, start your own campfire (most places don't allow this anymore) and go pony trekking.  Perfection.

If you need some inspiration for cool places to camp in England look no further than this rad book. Amazon - £10.85

Some camping essentials...

Cath Kidson Cowboy Tepee tent - £75
---because racing green is so last year

Coleman Hampton double sleeping bag - £49.01
---because sleeping together is so much better than sleeping alone

 Anorak ropes picnic blanket - £18 on sale
---because you wouldn't want to get grass stains on that pretty floral frock 

SunnCamp circular BBQs - £17
---because cooking up a round of sausage sarnies in the morning is a must when camping

Easy Camp whistling kettle - £12
---because i'm English and always require a cup of tea first thing in the morning

Stanley classic vacuum flask - £26
---because I like my tea to be portable.  And it comes in very handy mid-way through a walk.

---because everywhere should be decorated in bunting, especially your campsite

I did try and hunt out some old camping photos but as i'm the happy snapper all the photos were of the Bot, who we know is a little 'blog-shy'.  I did find this one from Bestival (space theme) a few years ago though standing in-front of our now defunct tent.  Ah the dressing-up memories.

If you know of any cool campsites in the UK please leave a comment and let me know! xx

p.s. thank you to everyone who has e-mailed, texted, commented over the past week or so. It has meant the world to read all your lovely messages and sorry for not replying to everyone individually.  In good news the Bot is now out of hospital and on the mend which is fab news.  And as for everything else...as I said before i'm incredibly lucky to be surrounded by wonderful people who help each day be a little better than the last. xx


  1. I don't know of actual camp grounds but there's plenty of stunning locations all around Wales. I'd love a VW campervan too, but I'm afraid the wolf would eat it ;) Hope you manage to find the perfect one.

    PS glad to hear the Bot is better!

  2. I love camping, we stayed in a tipi in the Lake District, was amazing!
    It's a dream of my boyfriends to get a VW camper and go see England. :)


  3. oh, i so wish i had a vintage vw campervan too, that's literally my dream! it's also the only reason i'd consider to learn how to drive, if there was a chance i could get my hands on one! preferably a pale pink one too, hehe. xx

  4. cuuute!
    i loove camping, cornwall is my fave! :D
    Rosie xo

  5. http://www.bigskytipiholidays.co.uk/

    This place is the best... you just rock up with food and clothes and everything else is provided, no need to pitch tent, blow up airbeds or anything, and better still no packing away at the end... just get yourselves there and the fun begins!

  6. I love this! I just put together a list of camping essentials: http://www.buyautotruckaccessories.com/blog/991/gearing-up-for-camping-season/

  7. I would love a VW campervan too, but money keeps holding me back from buying one. :)


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