Thursday, 5 May 2011

1950s: swimwear

Ah the 1950s.  If you're a regular reader of the blog you'll know that this is my favourite decade of them all. When it came to swimwear layers were in and tropical prints were all the rage.  And the cut was low, covering the hip (in those days clothes worked with your body, not against it) and celebrated the fuller hourglass figure.  Think Sophie Loren, Marilyn Monroe and balmy evenings on the French Riviera.  Wonderful.

Fancy injecting a little 50s into your swimwear this year?  Check out my top 50s style bikinis and swimsuits...

Modcloth: $89.99

New Look: £21.99 

Topshop: £30

Daisy Lowe for Peacocks (not yet on sale)



  1. oh i love 50s fashions..nothing else seems to come close!! :)

  2. i really like the bikinis, the girls look so good, and they can celebrate their bodies with their bikinis ! ;)

  3. the stripy topshop one is amazing, i featured it on my blog too! :D
    Rosie xo

  4. Oh I really like the silhouette of the 50s swimsuits. The ones in the 2nd photograph are really lovely, and you have some great modern takes on them here!

  5. my surgery will be next year but thank you so much!!

    i love the bikini with the dots :)

  6. I still love it haha,
    although sometimes I prefer the modern version of it haha (:

  7. hey i hope things will be well soon and i am sorry to hear about all that, stay strong xx

  8. hi darling. just read through your latest post and im so sorry for all of these unfortunate things happening so close to each other, it feels so unreal, so insane.. my thoughts are with you and i would like to give you a hug and a cup of tea.
    Take care my dear.

  9. retro swimsuits are alway so chic. i love to try them out when i go to bali next month!



  10. Excellent post, I love these photos! I'm totally enamored with the 50s too. They all looked so fab in their bathing suits!


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