Friday, 1 April 2011

Tag, you're it

At the beginning of the week the lovely Emma from Vintage & Vampires tagged me in a '10 things I love post'.  I don't normally do these (probably because i'm a bit lazy) but when I started thinking about all the things I loved it made me smile, and if a post can make one person smile, then it's worth sharing, right?

So, here goes.  These are 10 things I love.

1. A good phrase
I absolutely love phrases; little things that make you smirk or motivate you to do something.  I would cover my house in phrases if I could, but I think i'd get a bit confused and overwhelmed!
2. Tea
As I mentioned yesterday i'm a big fan of tea.  Builders and half a sugar is how I like it, in case you were wondering, but i'm also partial to a bit of chai in the evenings.  Lovely.

3. Audrey Hepburn
My style icon. I actually wrote my dissertation on this lady.  
Classy, sophisticated, graceful and intriguing are all words I associated with her.  I truly believe everyone woman could do with injecting a little 'Audrey' into their lives.

4. Daydreaming 
I love nothing more than gazing out of a window and dreaming up stories.  These dreams tend to involve thinking about other paths my life could have taken, travelling, and my future.

5. My Pashley Poppy 
You're probably board of me banging on about how much I love my Pashley Poppy, but I do.  She is the classiest of bikes and gets far too much attention for her own good, but she is THE perfect bike for cruising around on, especially in the sunshine.

6. Beside the seaside, beside the sea 
There is something about open water that I just adore.  Daydreaming at the seaside is even better.

7. Balloons 
Balloons seem to represent a certain sense of freedom, possibility and uncertainty.  They have the opportunity to go anywhere, but at some point the bubble bursts and the dream is over.

8. The 1950s 
My favourite era of them all.  Ladies were ladies, men were rugged, clothes flattered your figure, and everyone seemed cool.  In I could invent a time machine this would be the first place i'd go.

9. A good hat 
A good hat can completely change at outfit, for the better.  The 1920s cloche is one of my favourite designs.  Elegant and charming.
10. Brogues 
I am obsessed.  Literally.  Best footwear ever.
And now i'm tagging the following fine ladies to do the same:
1) State who gave you this award in your post
2) State 10 things that you love
3) Give this award to 10 other bloggers, listing them at the end of the post, and notify them with a lovely comment :)

Have wonderful weekends all, i'm off to a hen do for my wonderful friend Cullers tonight, canne wait!
...and i've got a fab little treat for you all next week in the shape of a competition, plus some decoupage-ing and colour blocking.  Oh yes, next week is set to be a treat!

Big love all xx


  1. Oh but 6 of your 10 are my favourites too! I shall have to put my thinking cap on ... or maybe whilst out at drinks in the city tonight I'll make my list with the help of my friends who I'm sure will come up with slightly more interesting (crazy) things than I ever could alone! ;)

    Have a great time at the hen do and thanks for my shout out.

  2. Yay, thanks for the tag cherie! Love too many things, but will try to narrow it down to 10... I get the feeling that after tonight prosecco will be high up on the list! xx

  3. Oh no you didn't!!!
    You've now got my mind running, thank you for tagging me. I love your list and will start to construct mine...

    Watch this space. X

  4. Hi darling.
    thanks for sharing your tags, i like the way you put it together.
    i have done this before, so i think i'll pass on another one right now.
    i have a problem with chain letters and stuff like that..
    but im honored you asked me.
    thanks and have a wonderful weekend

  5. awesome post :)

  6. guess i don't really need much to daydream. just a nice breeze with a big view of blue sky canvas, and i'm already out of this world.




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