Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Sometimes nude is just better

When it comes to my nails I like a bit of colour.  
Above is my current selection of faves, and I tend to default to Revlon Coral most of the time, followed by the minty-green Barry M number.  But recently i've been intrigued by a bit of nude.  Perhaps it's all this colour-blocking that is doing the rounds - don't get me wrong, i'm totally up for a bit of colour-blocking, but with so many brights on show subtle has become the new 'look at me' shade. And if everyone is doing one thing, I always like to do the other!

I've used two coats of the varnish here

So I invested in this pinky-nude-taupe of a colour, Forever, by No.17.  
#1 - it goes with absolutely everything, very handy
#2 - it's a bargain at just £2.99
#3 - it just looks pretty.  
...and you can't go wrong with pretty nails. Plus, it'll be perfect for the wedding next week.  My friend's that is, not Kate and Wills.  Honestly, if you've planned your wedding for next week you must be totally sick of everyone banging on about the royal wedding, when this is the biggest day of your life.  My friend Cullers, the one who is getting married the day after, said to me yesterday, "Seriously though, everyone is going to be making comparisons between me and Kate.  It's not everyday you see two brides two days running."  True, true, but then my friend doesn't have to please the royal family, or the British public.  She only has to please herself, it's her day afterall.  And if it was a comparison, she'd win hands down.


  1. Wow the one from Barry M and the last one are great!

  2. Your new member of nail polish is so beautiful! And look simply elegant <3


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