Saturday, 23 April 2011

Oranges and lemons, say the bells of St, Clements

Every once in a while my heart skips a beat.  The excitement of finding a dress that is quite simply perfect is something to celebrate.  And when that said perfect dress is also a bargain, well, my heart does a little flutter.

This is said dress. 50s in style with such a bold citrus pattern, images of picnic-ing in a beautiful yellow meadow while sipping freshly-made lemonade spring to mind.  A floppy hat and over-sized sunglasses would complete this picture.  

To compliment the yellow of the dress i'd pair this dress with grey vintage heels and a grey clutch.  You want all the focus to be on the vibrancy on the dress.

Simply mouth-watering

Fallen in love yet?  Well the good news is that this beauty is from Primark and costs only £9.  I know, I couldn't believe it either.

I hope you're enjoying your Easter break - i'm off to see my mum for the today (I was supposed to see her yesterday but had rather a heavy night on Thursday - I went to the O2 to see the Cuban Brothers and Jazzy Jeff, total 90s roll back - but had such a bad hangover I couldn't go. I know, very bad daughter, so i'm taking her out for lunch today to make up for it.  Sorry mum!).  xx


  1. whaaaaaaat.
    i SERIOUSLY scrolled down expecting that to be uber expensive because it is SO beautiful,
    but hello cheap and lovely!
    i think ill head there today and snap it up! :D
    Rosie xo

  2. This dress really is pretty! It makes me dream of warm summer days, so hopefully they're not too far away.

  3. i want to see this on you! it looks gooorgeous xx

  4. What a great dress and great price too :)

  5. ohhhh give me that dress :))

    no primark in my city :(((

  6. A great Stella McCartney homage. Sadly, I know those straps would keep slipping off my wonky shoulders.

  7. What a great find, loving citrus print dresses right now. I've got a gorgeous Moschino-a-like from New Look which I adore

  8. i love the lemon dress from primark i bought it too so cute. i bought it today.

  9. Wow. What? I cannot even believe that is a primark dress! It's so on trend for Spring.. it looks too nice for primark to be honest. I would love to buy it but I don't think I could allow myself to buy anything from them :/ It'd be on my conscience.


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