Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Competition time!

Oh yes, I can now reveal all the details of the competition I mentioned yesterday, fun times.

So, because the lovely people at Matalan are just that, lovely, they have given me £50 of vouchers to give away to you wonderful readers.  Yes, i'm a little jel, as they say down in Essex, but you readers are fab, and I can't thank you enough for taking the time to read my rantings.  So thank you. 

If I could win the vouchers, i'd be getting involved with these little diamonds...

Oh, and have you checked out Matalan's new advert?  Roll on summer!

So what do you need to do to enter?
1. Be a follower of Clazzerati via Google connect (just click on the FOLLOW button on the right-hand side of the blog)
2. Leave a comment below telling me what you'd pick from Matalan if you're the lucky winner
3. Be sure to include your e-mail address/blog so I get in touch with you!

This competition is open to UK residents only.

All entries must be received by 5pm GMT on Tuesday 12 April and i'll be announcing the winner next Wednesday! Good luck! xx


  1. Oh, now, see I'm not supposed to be buying new things and then you wave the pretties and the video and that it'll be free cos you're awesome. And THEN you expect me to pick my favourites?! Ha! I'm so going to be spending money at Matalan in the near future regardless of the outcome ;)

  2. Lovely competition, thank you!

    I'm following on GFC.

    I'd pick this floral dress http://www.matalan.co.uk/fcp/product///Floral-Linen-Dress/34402&resultsPerPage=100&attrList=Dept,brand and some new kids clothes for my daughter.

    you can reach me on twitter @missielizzieb

  3. Hey Clazzerati!

    If I were to win I would choose the floral prom dress:


    I am also in desperate need of some summer essential cardigans (ahh, the great British summertime!) - assuming I could be sensible long enough to stay out of the shoe department... :D


  4. Lovely giveaway - thankyou! I would go for a floral maxi dress http://t.co/VTwaS3j - and also get some flipflops and a sarong for my trip to Spain next month! :)

  5. Hi Clazzerati
    It would have to be the floral maxi dress, or would i stock up on shoes, or would i end up spending it all on my two tots, so much choice....perhaps the shoes then the dress & perhaps have enough for tshirts ..... omg so much choice!!!

  6. There are so many gorgeous things at Matalan atm! If I won I'd have to get the Disty print halter playsuit.


    If follow with GFC and can be reach on twitter @jodiekins01

    thanks x

  7. Nice competition - I like the dress you've picked out.

    I would choose between a few of the straw hats they have on there!


    The doll on fashion

  8. I love this sundress, can't believe it's only £14 amazing!


    Perfect for summer in a park... spinning round... getting dizzier and dizzier lol!

    Would spend the rest on a Stone Wash Denim jacket (£18) to go over it the dress...

    Spot Print Wellington in Nude and Black (£12) just in case it rains a bit...

    and so as not to hog all the vouchers a Floral and Butterfly Print Sun Dress (£5.00) for my little girl!

    £50 exactly! Phew what fun fantasy shopping is :)

    Emily (@emymc)




  9. Am following you blog and following you on twitter too x

  10. Wow, very nice of you and Matalan.

    They've got some amazing stuff in and have completly changed the way most people think about them recently, on trend, good price and LUSH jewellery.

    I think I'd have to get a few bits for my hols, including this...

    Follow on google connect, I think! :)


  11. It would have to be these cute floral hi-tops


    And then some funky clothes for my little boy. I'm following on gfc and I'm @deb13b on twitter but I never win anything anyway lol x

  12. Lovely Prize:)

    I would pick
    Detailed Sundress
    Fabric bow ballet shoe
    Tape Oversize Cardigan In Cream


  13. My top item would be the Be Beau 50's Sky Bloom Prom Dress (in fact I've bookmarked it and if I don't win I'm buying it!), then the dress you chose, then the gorgeous full cotton midi skirt.

    Danni (danni_king@msn.com)


  14. i've been eyeing up this:

    my email address is rosiesherratt@hotmail.co.uk

    thanks! :DD
    Rosie xo

  15. my son lives and dies in these http://www.matalan.co.uk/fcp/product/fashion-to-buy-online/Boys-Clothing-3-13yrs/Blue-Skull-Clog/33065&resultsPerPage=100&attrList=Dept,brand so i'd better get a big supply! i actually like http://www.matalan.co.uk/fcp/product///R&R-1/4-elastic-waisted-buttoned-trouser/18587&resultsPerPage=100&attrList=Dept,brand because i'm a big paulie!!

  16. I would buy some funky tights and a denim military jacket from the Plus Size section. There's also a make-up primer and some mousse foundation. That's a start!

  17. what a fun giveaway : D

    i would choose these buckle detail wedges


    oh and the brogues


    oh and the boho strap bag and the stripe bag! wow i could really get all of these for £50 if i don't win im heading there for these anyway (in love)

    tweet me msjonesmakeup


    thank you xxx

  18. I love those wedge flower shoes. I'd certainly get some of those for this summer to begin with!

    Following on twitter as @totallydot

  19. Romana Richards7 April 2011 at 13:53

    Sheered Top Maxi Aztec - I love this dress. Just right for the hols.

  20. I follow you on Google Connect.

    One thing I would get is this lovely cardigan:


    perfect for the summer - and it would go perfectly with a couple of the maxidresses, but I can't decide which I would choose!

    I am @beachrambler on Twitter.

  21. I'd go for this stunning top http://www.matalan.co.uk/fcp/product/fashion-to-buy-online/Rogers-&-Rogers/Tribal-Print-Hanky-Hem-T-Shirt/33759&resultsPerPage=100&attrList=Dept,brand and there'd still be enough left to get some sandals and jewellery to go with it.

    You can find me on Twitter @janesgrapevine

  22. im following you , i would choose http://www.matalan.co.uk/fcp/product/fashion-to-buy-online/Tops/Unicorn-Khaki-Swing-Vest/34936&resultsPerPage=100&attrList=Dept,brand and some lovely new shoes

  23. I am following your blog as GettingGreyer :)
    I would buy this funky playsuit as I have never seen anything like it, very unique and fun - would be perfect for this years festival going!
    along with these shoes
    and an oversized floppy straw hat :)
    Bring on the SUNSHINE :)

    @4forme on twitter

  24. Fab giveaway!
    I'd go for these am I am a wedge lover and I don't own any nude shoes so these would be the perfectos combo;


    I'd also get these in-case my feet needed a rather stylish break from said wedges heel height on the way back from the office;


    I'd have to snag this too as I'm all about the Royal Wedding at the mo and I love this thank you please;


    For my remaining 8 buckaroos/eurios (pounds! ;) I'd get this as one can never have enough pretty basics;


    Ah, phew, that was fun (I hope I added up properly) Good luck everyone!

    twitter @LaraLain
    email lara@ifeellikeidreamtit.com

  25. I love this Be Beau 50's Sky Bloom Prom Dress

    I'm following on google connect and twitter @kelliec3

  26. I would choose this beautiful dress! http://www.matalan.co.uk/fcp/product/fashion-to-buy-online/-Dresses/Floral-Prom-Dess/34103&resultsPerPage=100&attrList=Dept,brand

    I saw it in store last week, it's to die for!

    I follow you on GFC & Twitter @jadebythesea



  27. I would pick the 50s Bloom Prom Dress. So gorgeous.

    I follow on GFC (dejapygott@gmail.com)

    Thanks for the giveaway! Fingers crossed x

  28. i am following with gfc, if i was lucky enough to win i would pick this coat http://www.matalan.co.uk/fcp/product/fashion-to-buy-online/Coats-and-Jackets/Single-Breasted-Cotton-Mix-Trench/31850&resultsPerPage=100&attrList=Dept,brandc


  29. Ooh thanks for the lovely giveaway.

    I would get the much wanted wedge sandals that I seem to be seeing all over facebook and the blog world and the lovely Rose & Stripe Border Bust Cup Dress. Perfect for festival season, though I hope I won't have to add wellies to the ensemble!!

    I follow your blog

    @medsdemon on Twitter xx

  30. I would choose shoes, shoes and more shoes lol My new favourite for sunner is wedge's so thats what i would spend it alll on :-)


  31. I'd get some pumps and sandals for my hols, and they have some great summer dresses too :)

    Thanks, lovely prize!

  32. I would buy this Be Beau Cruise Ditsy Lace Dress and the floral wedge's on you blog love them !
    I am following your blog x


  33. ohh i really need summer staples but theres loads to chose from, choices, choices??




    Gone a bit vest/cami mad but they are great prices, will have to have a snoop any way!


  34. Hi

    I adore your floral choices, the Matalan season is gorgeous this year, I went to have a nosy last weekend and eyed up some bits I have to save for.

    I would get the lovely white Dobby Tiered maxi

    Glitter Upper Cork Flip Flop in Gold
    Crochet Bag with Cream and Tassel Detail in Cream£6.00

    Desperate for jeans so I would get the Papay white Twill jeans and the printed shorts



    £2 left would get me a hair accesory

    Thanks that was a nice dream time, my email is on my blog


  35. Oh dear they have alot of lovely summer stuff....I would choose this amazing 50's inspired dress - http://www.matalan.co.uk/fcp/product/fashion-to-buy-online/-Dresses/50s-Sky-Bloom-Prom-Dress/33741&resultsPerPage=100&attrList=Dept,brand and then because thats only £25 I would also choose these amazing shoes for only £12!
    http://www.matalan.co.uk/fcp/product/fashion-to-buy-online/Shoes/Tassel-Detail-Moccasin-in-Cream/32789&resultsPerPage=100&attrList=Dept,brand and this hat -

    Thats only £6!!!!! so I would still have money to spend!!!!!! Way too many nice things on there!!!! Thanks for comp Matalan and Clazzerati!!!! Good Luck everyone and keep the blogging!!!! xxxx

  36. enjoying my virtual shopping trip around matalan...
    so a dress, cardi and sandals!
    folowing as Rozinna dharamsi
    retweeted your blog comp @kohsamuirosie

  37. Hi, thanks for this fab giveaway.
    I know Matalan has lots of fab fashions but if I won £50 of vouchers I'd be totally indulgent and buy this http://www.matalan.co.uk/fcp/product/fashion-to-buy-online/Homeware-New-Arrivals/Silver-Diamante-Drawers/34174&resultsPerPage=100&attrList=Dept,brand

  38. Hi,

    I'm following you on GFC katwoman2 and love this - http://www.matalan.co.uk/fcp/product/fashion-to-buy-online/-Dresses/Floral-Printed-Playsuit/27632&resultsPerPage=100&attrList=Dept,brand
    Never, ever thought I'd be considering a playsuit!
    You can contact me at katytik at yahoo dot co dot uk
    Thanks! Kx

  39. I follow you on GFC - robertfox24

    I would have to have this because it would be perfect for a wedding I am going to in a couple of weeks and then it could also be worn all summer! robertfox24@aol.com


  40. Oh I love lots of there things but I think I'd choose this emfaz77@googlemail.com

  41. What a fabulous giveaway - the dress looks stunning and would look good for any occasion.

  42. I follow your blog via GFC as Marzena
    I would buy Soon Short Sleeve Shell Pointelle Design Cardigan and some clothes for my son
    Boys Dungaree Set In Denim,2 Pack Monsters Pj,Dungaree Short and Tigger Check Dungaree Set


  43. Am following via google friend connect. Lovely giveaway, thanks so much for holding it :) I lovelovelove their Vintage Lace Dress - http://bit.ly/hGt7rr would be perfect for the wedding I've got coming up!

    milkpetal @ hotmail.co.uk

  44. i am connected as trollings great giveaway i would love this tophttp://www.matalan.co.uk/fcp/product/fashion-to-buy-online//Ideal-Princess-Vest/33908

    can reach me ata strollings@btinternet.com
    rtd on twitter as mrstracey1972

  45. Emma. Hello,if I was so very lucky to win I would buy my little girl and boy a outfit each as I am bridesmaid twice in two weeks this year,I would really love to get them
    both new outfits so they look fab and out shine everyone,I also follow u on Twitter I'm ekitt1001 thanks x (love the new clothes range)

  46. I love matalan, great choice of clothes at great prices.

    I would plum for the Denim Pencil Skirt, Coral Gypsy Top, Flower Leather Wedge mule, and the Tropical Print Beach Bag.

    I'm following on GFC

    angelanddaisy @ gmail.com

  47. I love Unicorn Khaki Swing Vest and Frill Sleeved Dress Pirnt

    very summery :)
    i follow with gfc as karen scammell
    twannywun at hotmail dot com

  48. Following via google friend connect ( clanger avatar!) I have a family wedding coming up so I'd choose this gorgeous poppy print dress http://www.matalan.co.uk/fcp/product/fashion-to-buy-online/-Dresses/Floral-Prom-Dess/34103&resultsPerPage=100&attrList=Dept,brand as it's so pretty and would really fit the occasion.
    viviennej @ hotmail .com

  49. Lovely giveaway, I'm following via Google Friend Connect Lorna Peppiatt.
    I'd choose the Pink Boucle jacket, I've a wedding to attend in a couple of months and this is a lovely summerly item to wear

  50. Spoilt for choice, but I love the coral reef halter neck sundress http://www.matalan.co.uk/fcp/product/fashion-to-buy-online/Women's-New-Arrivals/Coral-Reef-Halter-Sundress/33931&resultsPerPage=100&attrList=Dept,brand and they have some lovely summer beach/holiday bags so would have to have one of those too !

  51. I love those wedge flower shoes. I'd certainly get some of those for this summer to begin with

    Following on twitter as @emmacella

  52. What a lovely competition! I've had loads of fun picking some clothes..can't believe how many I could get for £50. In fact this lot totals £49!

    Frill Sleeved Dress Print (http://www.matalan.co.uk/fcp/product/fashion-to-buy-online//Frill-Sleeved-Dress-Pirnt/33999&resultsPerPage=100&attrList=Dept,brand)

    Knee Length Denim Shorts

    Be Beau Large Rose Swing Vest

    Printed Bow Back Tunic


    Beaded Raffia Wedge in Black


    On twitter as @rhodak09, blog as Rhoda Reviews. Following your blog in GFC.

  53. 'ello there. i've tweeted @pppepys, and followed your blog. from matalan i'd love these: http://www.matalan.co.uk/fcp/product/fashion-to-buy-online/Shoes/Regatta-Shoe/30372&resultsPerPage=100&attrList=Dept,brand

  54. love the plus size embellished neck top http://www.matalan.co.uk/fcp/product/fashion-to-buy-online/Plus-Size/Embellished-Neck-Top/34831&resultsPerPage=100&attrList=Dept,brand the 2 in one animal print top http://www.matalan.co.uk/fcp/product/fashion-to-buy-online/Plus-Size/2-In-1-Animal-Printed-Top-And-Cardigan/29270&resultsPerPage=100&attrList=Dept,brand the denim tiered skirt http://www.matalan.co.uk/fcp/product/fashion-to-buy-online/Plus-Size/Lightweight-Denim-Tierred-Skirt/34314&resultsPerPage=100&attrList=Dept,brand are lovely

    have followed you @essexgirlSE

  55. Hi - Ive tweeted and followed your Blog

    If I am lucky enough to win I would buy baby nursery items for my new grandson and for myself I would buy the Crown Jewels one shoulder top http://www.matalan.co.uk/fcp/product/fashion-to-buy-online/Tops/Crown-Jewels-One-Shoulder-Top/33909&resultsPerPage=100&attrList=Dept,brand

    Twitter name @SPOOGYWOOGY

    email: luckylady66@btinternet.com

  56. I seem to spend on the kids but never really think about updating my wardrobe so sorry kids if I won this would be my chance for me *mwahaha*

    With the gorgeous weather we've had I'd love to get set for summer with floral prints and I'd choose this http://www.matalan.co.uk/fcp/product/fashion-to-buy-online/-Dresses/Peony-Print-Bandeau-Dress/34589&resultsPerPage=100&attrList=Dept,brand&icmpid=hp_h2a_101019 so pretty with these peep toes http://www.matalan.co.uk/fcp/product/fashion-to-buy-online/Shoes/Front-Bow-Peep-Toe-Heels-in-Black-/32749&resultsPerPage=100&attrList=Dept,brand ooh I'm now thinking of a BBQ to go with them too!! :)

  57. PS I've followed you and my email is 2009nicola@live.co.uk - thanks!

  58. Im following @vickyd4v3 thanks for such a great giveaway, if i won i would buy these maize drawers for my bathroom i think they are fab!

  59. Hi, if i was to win i would pick the http://www.matalan.co.uk/fcp/product/fashion-to-buy-online/-Dresses/Print-Tiered-Maxi-in-Multi-coloured-/28962&resultsPerPage=100&attrList=Dept,brand
    i love it, thanks for the chance to win :) my blog is http://clairejustineoxox.blogspot.com/ my email is clairejustine@live.co.uk

  60. Im following your blog

    I would like this dress


    on twitter @boo1003
    marchez50 @ yahoo.co.uk

  61. Fab competition - I'm following you.

    I'd choose these sandals as I cant resist shoes:) http://www.matalan.co.uk/fcp/product/fashion-to-buy-online/Women%27s-New-Arrivals/Floral-Fabric-Ankle-Wrap-Sandal/31456&resultsPerPage=100&attrList=Dept,brand

    and wear them with http://www.matalan.co.uk/fcp/product/fashion-to-buy-online/Women%27s-New-Arrivals/Papaya-Crop-Denim/32002&resultsPerPage=100&attrList=Dept,brand and


  62. Hello! Amazing comp:) I already follow you on google connect and I would have to choose this skirt:

    Impossible to resist! My email address is cazmc82@gmail.com and my blog is www.mystylisms.blogspot.com.

    Carol x

  63. Hi I follow your blog - sandy hallett
    I'm going away for a spa weekend near my birthday at end june so I'd pick a nice big bag - http://www.matalan.co.uk/fcp/product/fashion-to-buy-online/Travel/Patant-Weekend-Bag-Hot-Pink/30142&resultsPerPage=100&attrList=Dept,brand for £35 And a nice new swimsuit - http://www.matalan.co.uk/fcp/product/fashion-to-buy-online/Swimwear/Pink-Shapewear-Swimsuit/27992&resultsPerPage=100&attrList=Dept,brand - which is £15.

  64. Hello i follow your blog and on twitter @sandigled.
    Id have to buy some new tops and a pair of pumps maybe a bra or two but definately loving the flowery dresses and playsuits.

  65. Oh there's so much I want! (It doesn't help that theres a huge Matalan down the road from me...)

    I'd start with their maxi dresses (how have they made animal print look good?? I normally can't stand it!) and then anything with flowers on. SUMMMERY!

    I also might have to test out their playsuits..I've never been brave enough before with my limited budget but a voucher might give me the courage to rock one this summer!!

    Following on GFC and you can find me on Twitter @AetharaGirl

  66. I would buy this beautiful Beaded Flower Maxi Dress: http://bit.ly/gH8YQJ

    Paired with these Chunky Buckle Wedge Sandals: http://bit.ly/gYTq1d

    & accessorised with this Floppy Straw Sun Hat: http://bit.ly/fATTt8

    I'm maxi dress obsessed & I love the floral print/ombre effect! These chunky wedges are serious shoe candy & such a bargain at only £18. Throw in a floppy hat & I'm ready for summer...With £2 change ;)

    Matalan <3




  67. Hello! Excellent competition my love, well done you! I would like to give you my modest choices that I would spend £50 on in the fantastic Matalan. Thanks!

    I would really really like:

    Buckle Detail Wedge Sandals in Brown £18.00

    Floral Fabric Ankle Wrap Sandal£14.00

    Garden Flower Tie Front Top£12.00

    Tie front stripe T-shirt£5.00

    My e-mail is mel_2k88@hotmail.com and I am melly_s on twitter! Following your blog and on twitter :) x

  68. I'm following via GFC.

    I'm loving the summer shoes in Matalan and think I would get a couple of pairs of their summer wedges.
    I like the Chunky buckle wedge sandals and the floral panel espadrille wedge.


  69. Following blog

    I would choose this maxi dress if i won
    and these to top the dress off
    and i nice pair of sexy knickers

    Also following on twitter @leiajulie

  70. Adore this spring coat! http://www.matalan.co.uk/fcp/product/fashion-to-buy-online/Women's-New-Arrivals/Piped-Edge-Detail-Mac/32974&resultsPerPage=100&attrList=Dept,brand
    Following on google and twitter @nikkiopia nikkiopia at gmail.com

  71. Hi im following you on google friends connect as luckybaker lucybaker would pick these stillitoes http://www.matalan.co.uk/fcp/product/fashion-to-buy-online/Shoes/Glitzy-Jewel-Peep-Toe-Platform-in-Grey/32768&resultsPerPage=100&attrList=Dept,brand as i would want to look posh for kate and will wedding.plus they look fab
    twitter lucythebaker

  72. I'd start with the Blue Linen dress - would suit all sorts of occasions so could justify 'needing' it!

  73. Oops - forgot the important bit - annaojbee@yahoo.co.uk

  74. I love to buy a new summer dress and perhaps some glam sandles to match.

    Many thanks,


  75. i would spend the money on my three kids get them some much needed summer clothes some pretty dresses for my daughter and some cargo trousers for the boys so we can all enjoy the easter holidays in style beach anyone ......

    ktbennett@hotmail.co.uk i have also tweeted the comp too ! @KTBennett83

  76. Hi, I´m following on GFC.

    I love so many things from Matalan at the moment so it´s hard to choose a favourite, but this floral bandeau dress stood out: http://goo.gl/h9dK9

    Thanks for the giveaway! x


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