Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Tutorial Tastic Tuesday

...and welcome to Tutorial Tuesday.  Today I will be imparting some great knowledge - how to turn man's shirt into a cushion cover.  I know, i've become a little 'Martha Stewart-y' of late, especially with regards to cushion covers, but just go with it. Everyone needs a bit of crafting in their life, and this little project is super easy.  And my first ever tutorial, woop.

What you need:

1 x man's shirt (probs best to ask permission before you ransack the boy's wardrobe, although this would be a good way to cut down on his wardrobe space and therefore create more for me. I feel an evil plan coming along - watch out, Bot)

1 x cushion (this one is from Ikea many moons ago)

How to make this wonderful creation:

1. Iron the shirt.  Yes it's boring, I know you don't normally iron but it's better to do it know than at the end, trust me.

2. Cut off the sleeves, following the seam line.

3. Insert your pillow to the armless shirt (looks a bit sad doesn't it).  Here you will be able to see where you need to cut the shirt so the cushion has a snug fit (pink dotted line). My cushion fitted perfectly but you may need to take yours in slightly at the sides to ensure a snug fit (this obviously depends on the size of your shirt/cushion).

4. Turn your now square shirt inside out and sew up the two open seems.  The beauty of this bad boy is that your cushion cover opening has already been made - the buttons down the front of the shirt - so you don't need to worry about this, fabulous news.

You could stop here and marvel at your new cushion cover, but i'm a big fan of the corsage, so keep going and i'll show you how to embellish your cushion

 5. Remember those sleeves you cut off?  Well, now you need to cut them up like so.  Essentially you just want an oblong-shaped sleeve which will give you a nice rectangular piece of material to play with to make the corsage.  It's probs best to cut off the little button on the sleeve too, no need for that. Now cut the material in two lengthwise so you have two strips of material.

 6. Back to the iron kids.  Fold over 5mm on each of raw length edges and iron, then fold the whole thing in half lengthwise so it looks like the above.  And then tie a knot in one end.  Now essentially you need to start rolling, and tucking and pinning, but i'm no good at explaining this part so I suggest you go and check out this video from the delightful blog Trey & Lucy and she'll show you how to get your roll on.

Yay, you came back.  Phew, was a little worried there that I might have lost you forever.

You should have a little corsage that looks like the above, minus the pins.  Now you just need to decide where you want to add it - I put mine over the old pocket, it seemed quite happy here - and then sew it in place with your needle and thread.

Et voila, your man shirt cushion cover is complete, woop woop!

If you have a go at making this cushion cover i'd love to see you photos - send them to clazzerati@gmail.com.

Happy crafting kids, mwa xx


  1. i so have to do this!
    amazing tutorial :D

    Rosie ! xo

  2. hi darling, thanks for stopping by me.
    what a fun idea. great tutorial as well! love how it turned out.


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