Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A stroll in the park

Wasn't the weather utterly delightful on Saturday?  

As soon as I woke up and saw blue skies that was it - I was running around getting ready, crazy excited that Spring is FINALLY here!  This winter has been far too long - i've enjoyed the layering, the fur, my boots, but i'm sooooooooo ready for light-weight cottons, open-toe shoes, pretty sundresses and floppy hats.

Alas, it wasn't warm enough for a tea dress, but my ankles did get a lovely glimpse of the sun beams.  After breakfast I dragged the Bot down to the common and the lake.  Considering this place is right on our doorstep we sure don't visit it enough.  This may sound weird but we're always walking the other way, so always seem to miss it.  I have a feeling it might become a bit of a regular spot though over the summer.

If you follow me on Twitter you'll have seen be banging on about my new Kate Kanzier brogues - i'm totally in love.  I wrote about them here too in my ode to the film A League Of Their Own.  Anyway, I absolutely love them, especially the little cut-outs on the side.  They're the perfect shoe for Spring!

What are your thoughts on the hat? I don't think the Bot was too impressed but I kinda liked how it worked out.  It was actually my gran's (you can see more of my great gran steals here) - i've not worn it before but I have to say it was a very good hat to wear.  I've got a small head you see (the girls call me pea head) so hats tend to either swamp me or not stay on very well, but this hat stayed on a treat!

The breakdown
Coat: eBay, £12.96
Shirt: Primark, £12 ish
Jeans: BDG, $50 ish
Brogues: Kate Kanzier, £25
Hat: vintage via my gran
Watch: vintage via my other gran!

Happy Tuesday lovelies, I hope Monday wasn't too stressful.  I'm off to Matalan's press day this evening to i'll be sure to share some photos with you later in the week!



  1. wow! gorgeous photos!
    love the shoes - im looking for a spring pair of shoes at the moment.
    the weather on saturday was AMAZING - me and my friend went and had a cake picnic on the grass outside my halls of residence! :)
    im now following you on twitter btw - roseanneamy! :)

    Rosie xo

  2. yay!! you got the 100th follower :))
    love your outfit girl..
    especially the coat and cute red hat..

    come and visit my site..
    hope you can follow me back:)


    in Love&light
    Queen D

  3. lovely outfit!adore your shoes!

  4. Yesss I loved the weather here too! <3

    There is a cute silver stacking rings giveaway waiting for you :)
    xoxo, www.thefashionwritress.com

  5. such cute photos darling .thanks for sharing. i really do hope spring is here.. there is so much more to do- or so much more fun to do things when it's warm and sunny
    hope you're having a good week

  6. Ah that shirt and those shoes are great!
    I seriously need to go to Primark verrrry soon!


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