Monday, 7 March 2011

Neck, I never forgot you

Ok, ok, I think i've rambled on enough about how much i'm loving headscarves right now. Honestly, all my outfits feel incomplete without one these days, but i've realised I need to break the cycle.  And so I have moved a smidgen down the body to the neck.  But this ain't no high street scarf adorning my neck. This scarf was handmade by my sister for me for Christmas.  Oh yes, while I can just about master a knitted cushion cover, my sister is supremely talented in the knitting department.  She knits, I sew. Together we really should open a shop.  One day.

Skirt: Primark, £10
Top: ASOS, £15 ish
Scarf: made by my sister
Boots: Primark, £12.50
Nail varnish: Revlon

I never know whether you're interested in what i've been up to at the weekend, but in case you are, here are a few pics from the weekend.  The Bot and I chilled out to the max after a rather hectic week, but yesterday we popped over to Spitalfields market in east London and wondered around the many stalls.  I got a cute ring which i'll show you later on in the week, and a present for a certain someone's birthday.  Now to post it (this may take some time but i promise it'll be on it's way round the globe soon!).

Happy Monday my lovelies xx

we came across a free Queen exhibition while we were in Spitalfields - if you're a Queen fan get down here now, you'll love it! 


  1. looove the scarf, its such a pretty colour!!! :)
    rosie xo

  2. The scarf is lovely and it looks great with your eye color!


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