Thursday, 10 March 2011

It is cos i'm cool?

Ha, you know I don't think i'm actually cool, pfff, far from it!

I've been wanting to do some style shots down by the railway arches for a while.  It's literally down the road from my flat but I needed the Bot to come and take the shots for me.  While i'm ok taking shots with my remote around the flat and in our garden, i'm yet to do so in public.  I just don't think i'm quite ready for people thinking i'm some weird wannabe model. And I also have this fear that someone will run up and steal my camera. Paranoid?  Maybe, but until I get a little bit more confident outdoor shots will only happen when I can rope in the Bot.

Do you recognise the jumper?  It's actually the dress i'm wearing in the blog header but when I last washed it, it shrunk.  Actually, i didn't realise the dress had shrunk until after I wore it to work and realised it had become a bum-skimmer.  Luckily I work mostly with women so embarrassment was avoided!  Anyways, on Sunday I decided to cut the bottom off et voila, a short-sleeved jumper.  Now, i'm not entirely sure how long it's gonna last as i'm sure it will start to unravel at some point, but I made it last another day in its re-fashioned form so i'm a happy lady.

What are the thoughts on the new sunnies?  Ok, so maybe i'm a little early as here in London we're still firmly in winter but when you see a pair you like you have to buy them, right?  I normally end up buying about three pairs of sunnies a year.  Not expensive ones mind, but I always end up either a) losing them, b) breaking them or c) hating them by the end of summer, so investing in three a year seems to work for me!

The Breakdown
Jacket: vintage via Camden market, £20 ish
Jumper (cut off dress): Primark, £12.50 ish
Shirt: H&M, £12.99
Jeans: BDG, $50 ish
Converse: via Schuh, £37
Bag: Peacocks, £5 (sale)
Turban: Topshop, £25 ish
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters, £16
Ring: Spitalfields market, £2 
Earrings: vintage, £5

Happy Thursday my lovelies, I hope you're having a good week so far. xx


  1. love the photographs!
    brilliant location :D
    nice sunnies ;)

    Rosie xoxo

  2. that's a great outfit and I love you bag, it's gorgeous

  3. oh wow, i so want your turban.

  4. fabulous look!

    love your sweater and the turban!

    i follow you now...hope you follow back ;) <3

  5. cool look and i am digging the sunnies :)

  6. Gahd no not paranoid at all! I've been caught every time i've tried to do outside shots solo. And i've had an over friendly dog knock over my tripod and crack my lens. There's nothing more embarassing than being seen taking pics of yourself. I think i'm learning to swallow my pride (and perhaps the last dregs of dignity) and just get on with it ;)

  7. My boyfriend washed one of my fav jumpers and it shrunk to be a belly button skimmer!!! Argh! So I know how you feel.

    I love the turban. I probably could never pull one off but you look great!

    xx shabby


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