Thursday, 31 March 2011

A few little things i'm loving...

Vintage alarm clock from Armenia, £22 ish
...because this would look right at home on my bedside table

Blue bird wire pillow cover, £15 ish
...because I love birds, and blue, and lying on pillows

Aynsley England Bone China Tea Cup and Saucer, £19 ish
...because i'm English and I drink copious amounts of tea everyday so I might as well look chic whilst doing so

Victorian Filigree Ring x 2, £10 ish
...because they're cute

Brighton Pier - Embroidery Textile Art Canvas, £35 ish
...because the Bot and I are thinking of moving down this way, eek!

This week has kinda escaped me. So much has been going on with work, hen do preparation and a new an exciting project i'm going to be working on that I feel like i've neglected the blog a bit.

No style photos these week i'm afraid (if you could see me now you'd understand - hedge, backwards spring to mind) so instead I thought i'd share a few things i'm loving on Etsy right now. I adore Etsy because everything is either handmade or vintage, in turn making it unique. It's the best place to buy presents, especially if you're thinking of buying something for me (just kidding. actually, i'm not, i'd love all of these things).

Toot de suite xx


  1. love loveee the pillow cover!
    im looking for new ones for my bed :DD
    Rosie xo

  2. That pillow is so cute, and the alarm clock looks great.
    So much house stuff I want at the moment. Would change the decor every month though! :)

  3. Yeah Brighton rocks! You're a Londoner at the mo right? We're thinking of moving there for the Boy's work but realistically we just don't want to leave! x

  4. nice picks you did here. love etsy!
    btw. i do think my sis would let you borrow it. but then there is me- who have it.. and i don't think so ;) i love it too much ..
    i pretend like it's mine most of the time..

  5. Nice pictures,love the tea cup and saucer i'm into china cups at the minute as my grandma just gave me alot.....them Victorian Filigree Rings look great too :)

  6. Ah that tea cup is so cute!


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