Friday, 25 March 2011

Down by the river

I know, the Kate Kanzier brogues have made another appearance - I seriously can't stop wearing them.  Comfort and stylish, oh yeah baby!

The Bot took these photos when we went to visit his parents on Sunday.  I always try and get some outfit shots when we're down there as they've got a river at the bottom of their garden, rad.  Although saying that I haven't taken photos here since last summer. Damn, must get better at taking outfit shots in cool locations!

Do you recognise the print on this skirt?  It's the matching skirt to this shirt of my gran's that I wore a little while back.  Both of which I got at the same time as the hat from Monday's post. Damn my gran was a stylish lady.  I do often wonder what she'd make of me wearing all her clothes now!  I'm sure she'd have a little smile on her face - that and be taking the mic out of me taking pics of myself all the time!

The breakdown
Cardigan: Peacocks, £10 ish
Top (barely seen): free, via my sister
Skirt: vintage, via my gran
Brogues: Kate Kanzier, £25

I don't think I told you guys that i'm off to Amsterdam for the weekend, did I?  It's a friend of the Bot's 30th birthday so 16 of us are flying out tomorrow.  Wish me luck - i'm sharing an apartment with 5 boys, 2 girls and one toilet.  Eek!  Oh yeah, and randomly my boss's wife and son are also going to be there.  Ha ha!

So, by the time you read this (if i've figured out how to do scheduled posts) i'll be in sunny Amsterdam!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  See you next week for some more fun times xx


  1. cute skirt!

  2. what a relaxing day. must be a good feeling to just sit down by the river and let your emotion adrift.



  3. clara, loving that vintage skirt! hope to see you sooon :) xx

  4. SUPER cute photographs - love the second one, very audrey hepburn <33
    Rosie xo

  5. Love that look and the shots. It's funny: If I were there, I'd ask to take your photo. And I'm such a fan of Kate Kanzier. I love that the shoes are so low priced because there's a lot of faux leather. That's what Stella McCartney does with her shoes (except they're not 25 quid). It's like with having tofu instead of meat: I feel meat or real leather aren't NECESSARY in shoes - we go thru them so quickly anyway - and someday the idea of wearing animal's skin on our feet will feel barbaric. I love these two tone brogues.

    I want to hear the Amsterdam story. Did you run into your boss's wife and son? How random. xx

  6. so chic dress and amazing shoes!


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