Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Clazzerati's Couture Challange #3

At the beginning of 2011 I set myself a New Year's I most definitely intended to stick to.  I challenged myself to make one new piece of clothing each month. And so far i've done pretty well:

Challenge #1 - a 1950s dress...

Challenge #2 - American Apparel style elasticated waist skirt 

But this month I decided to do things a bit different.  In most part because I've joined a knitting group, Stitch Balham!  Every Wednesday I meet up with a fab group of gals who live in and around Balham and we stitch the night away!  Oh yes, we are tres chic before you ask.  And you can check us out on Facebook or Twitter, if you're interested.

So i've taken up knitting again (I say again, I dabbled a bit last year but only produced one fingerless mitten) but this time i'm on a roll.

Enter my two new cushion covers... 

Ok, so they're not technically clothing, but they are handmade and therefore they count! (this challenge is more of an evolving challenge)

The wool is so warm and fuzzy they are perfect for lounging on when watching tv (and falling asleep!)

...and lest we forget my snood (which essentially was a scarf but I was too lazy to keep knitting so I turned it into a tube, and hey presto, a snood!)

So month three of the year and i've got three challenges under my belt (and three projects finished in the third month) - anyone else saying tirty-tree and a turd in their head?  Ah, just me then.  Wowsers, actually sticking to a New Year's resolution is kinda exhilarating.  

Watch this space for challenge #4.  I just purchased some pretty Liberty print what to do with it...

Mwa xx


  1. Wow, well done you! Loved the dress but the cushion covers look so adorably cosy

  2. ahh liberty print!
    maybe a bedspread? if you have enough,
    or pillowcases?
    or a skirt? they're pretty easy from a pattern :)
    lovely cushions!
    and i laaav snoods :)
    Rosie xo

  3. Hey Clazza... loving this. Would handmade curtains be eligible for this challenge?!!! :-)

  4. Oh I love that dress so much. That's exactly what I'm hoping to make. When I find the pattern. And get brave enough. I will do it one day!

  5. Thanks all for your sweet comments.

    Anonymous - who are you?! Handmade curtains would defo be eligible - it's all about handmade!!

    Danni - try out the New Look patterns as they're super easy to follow. Shout if you want a hand as i've used quite a few! x

  6. I love that skirt....and the dress actually...and I also love your front room with fab fireplace...!! What with your clothes making and my underwear making we should open up a shop....possibly with a bar in it..!! xx


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