Friday, 4 February 2011

Welcome to Miami

Let me first introduce you...

Anna Evans is the delightful lady behind the deliciously quirky and unusual jewellery label Maggie Angus.  She's a good friend of the fashion bloggers and so it's up to us to spread the word about her fresh take on jewellery design.

For her latest collection, VIVA DEL MAR (Life of the Sea), Anna has taken influence from the cool vibes of Studio 54. The collection oozes disco beats and Californian cool and ties in perfectly with the 70s trend that is EVERYwhere this season.
Palm tree disco ring, £15.00

South beach sails earrings, £14.00

Palm tree leaves necklace, £29.99

Sails and seagull necklace, £22.99

Golden shell disco ring, £17.00

Oh Maggie Angus, you can take me to Miami anytime.

All these rad items can be found at

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