Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A little bit of jazz for your iPhone

A few weeks ago I received a rather lovely gift in the post - an iPhone skin.  Now I don't know about you but it seems every Tom, Dick and Harry has an iPhone these days, and I hate to be the same as everyone else, so this was a rather welcomed present.  The lovely people at Gadget Glamour have designed a whole host of skins for your iPhone and iPads - from pretty floral designs to Union Jacks, they've got a vast array of designs to choose from.  

Damask iPad Skin
iPad skin - £15

Weave - iPhone 4 Skin
iPhone skin - £10

I have to say I was a little concerned about how I was going to apply the thing, but they helpfully provided some very easy to follow instructions. And allowed me to turn my rather sad and dull looking phone...

Into this little beauty...


And if you're worried about ballsing it up, the adhesive is made from these clever little microfine glass beads, which don't stick the skin to your phone until your rub the skin.  When you do this the beads crack and the skin sticks firmly in place.  Genius.  And if like me you change your mind often, you can easily remove the skin, and swap it for another, without the risk of it leaving a horrid sticky mark behind.


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  1. ah! so pretty! def have to get myself one of these!! :) xx

  2. The finished product looks really good. I had to get a shell for my phone as well mostly because its easier to recognize amongst the sea of iphones


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