Tuesday, 22 February 2011

In an ever changing world of fashion, one trend is here to stay

As London Fashion Week continues and we are privy to the styles that are going to see us through the next few seasons I thought it interesting to note Alexa Chung's recent choice of outfit at the Margaret Howell show.

I'm seriously digging her Rupert the bear scarf, but that's not what i'm really focusing on.  It's her dress. Her Breton striped dress.

The Breton striped shirt became the uniform of the French navy in the late 19th century - apparently the stripes were easy to see if one fell overboard.  Today the Breton stripe is considered a fashion staple, endorsed by fashion icons throughout the ages (Coco was a big fan) and the nautical look continues to hold its own against other short-lived trends.

Amongst the craziness of fashion week and the stresses every woman endures when attending events of this nature ("I must look cool and trendy, but look like I couldn't give sh*t") Chung once again pulls off effortless chic superbly.  

Sometimes playing it safe, sticking to staples and remembering the old 'less is more' mantra really does do the trick.  How right our mums were.

Clockwise from left ::
Amor.Lux via ASOS (£45),Topshop (£29), H&M (£7.99), Dorothy Perkins (£18), Peacocks (£18)


  1. love how you've broken down her look here! so excited for saturday :) xx

  2. you can't beat breton! i noticed the topshop dress last time i was in, and to say i'm tempted is an understatement...



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