Monday, 24 January 2011

The weekend in pictures

As you know I spent most of this weekend at my grandad's up t'north.  Going to his house is like entering a time warp.  He has no central heating instead he still has coal fires.  What I didn't know is that because he was a miner, he gets free coal for life, and they deliver it.  So it actually costs him nothing to heat his house.  Pretty cool huh?

My Grandad absolutely loves talking about the war.  In fact i'm pretty sure he'd rather talk about the 'good old days' rather than anything that is actually going on in the present.  Still, I love hearing all his old stories.  This time I was getting him to tell me about he and my gran got together.  My gran passed away four years ago and i'm desperate to make sure I hear all of their stories before it's too late (I might add that despite being 89 my grandad is one of the fittest people I know!).  One of the sweetest stories he told me recently was when my sister and I gave him some books for his b'day in December.  He told us how, "I've got a photo of Bet (that was my gran) that I use for a bookmarker.  Because that way she is the last thing I see before I go to bed each night."  Melts my heart.

I also wanted to share with you this photo of my mum aged 15. Glamorous model or what!?

I also scored a few awesome bits of clothing that belonged to my gran - in particular a beautiful blue felt hat and the outift she wore to my parents wedding in 1978.  Watch this space for pictures!

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