Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Peacock's workwear wardrobe

Purse strings are exceptionally tight at this time of year - if like me you received your January pay packet back in the middle of December you're probably exceptionally broke (it always seems like such a good thing at the time though, right?).  

But what if you need to update your work wardrobe - appraisals are coming up for most people and if you're in-line for a promotion then you want to look the part.  Well look no further than Peacock's workwear wardrobe - affordable, simple, classic and best of all cheap! 

Get involved ladies, I know I will be.

Ladies check dress
Ladies spot pussy bow blouse
Ladies Vogue leather frill gloves

Ladies Beatrice bag

Ladies Jaqueline platform heel

Happy Tuesday peeps xx


  1. Really like the dress and the bag - wasn't it Peacocks in Bristol where we got those cute summer dresses?? xxx

  2. It certainly was Stepharoo. We were so cool in our matching dresses, ha ha!! xx


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