Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Me, Pashley, and the Bot

As promised here is a pic of me and my beautiful new Pashley Poppy that the Bot bought me for Christmas.  Isn't she a beaut?  I feel like such a lady riding her around, ha, makes a change!  I'm thinking of getting some fake flowers and weaving them into the basket - what do you think, too much?

So today is my first day back at work.  Wow.  I could not get out of bed this morning, even with the help of tea and Sian & Bill on BBC breakfast!  And I even cycled.  I had too.  The Bot and I have decided to lose that extra weight we seem to have picked up over Christmas.  So we dug out the Wii to weigh ourselves.  Well, clever old thing, it had stored our weights from last Christmas, when we last used the damn thing.  Turns out i've put on a whole 5 lbs on top of the Christmas pounds i'd gained last year.  Oops. I won't shame the Bot on here, but let's say his wasn't much better!

So, the diet and fitness regimes have begun.  Cycling to work has commenced and at some point i'll return to the gym - quite frankly i'm scared sh*tless so maybe we'll start that again in week 2.  On another note, does anyone have any low-fat recipes - i've got a few but i'm struggling to find recipes that are low-fat and interesting, so if you have any, please send them through to  Muchos appreciated!

Me as Cinderella, and the Bot as Ant (as in Ant & Dec)

And in other news, today is mine and the Bot's anniversary.  We've done a whole three years which is pretty impressive considering how much we argue!  I won't get too mushy on here but I will say that i've truly met my soul mate in this one.  So thank you Bot, for just being you and making me love you and hate you in equal measures each day. xx


  1. i love your bike, its so classic and pretty. I am actually trying to find low fat recipes too but cant seem to find any that look good. I usually try

  2. Your new bike is amazing, so beautiful!


  3. ah! i love your poppy! shes beatuiful! i maybe moving to london..will have to get one.. :)

  4. That's a fine steed m'lady! I love her basket and you look adorable with her.
    Belated congrats on your anniversary too hon. You both look very good together ;)

  5. i have that bicycle poppy pashley.
    come see it on my blog. please follow.
    I love my poppy blue pashley


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