Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I take my hat off to you, sir

So I knew going up to my grandad's would mean one thing in particular - a new backdrop for outfit shots! And I thought it would be perfect to showcase another of my many Peter Pan collar dresses (i'm slightly addicted - as can be seen here).  What I didn't account for was that up t'north it was ABSOLUTELY freezing.  From my earlier ramblings this week you'll know that my grandad doesn't have central heating, which meant that my coat stayed firmly wrapped around my body for pretty much the entire time I was there.  So i'm afraid i'll have to wait to show you that dress.  But you can enjoy my new hat instead.  Likey?  I think this could be the start of another addiction.

All photos were taken by my darling mother (thanks mum!)

The breakdown
Coat: Dorothy Perkins, £20 in the sale (2009)
Hat: H&M, £7.99
Scarf: present from my sister, which she made
Bag: Argentina 
Brooch: present from the Bot's rents
(barely seen) Dress: Asos and can't remember the price
Leggings: H&M, £10 (?)
Shoes: Primark, £11.50
Gloves: vintage, present from my mum


  1. yes, it's very, very cold up north! but the landscape is beautiful in these photos (:

  2. aodrable post, lady!



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