Monday, 31 January 2011

Happniess comes in many forms, but a cupcake could be the finest

Apologies for my lack of posting at the end of last week.  We've been having our appraisals at work the past two weeks and they've kinda taken up a lot of my time.  Luckily they are now over (phew) which means we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief!  

As you know this year i'm attempting to get more crafty this year and my New Year's resolution is to make one piece of new clothing each month. Well, this craftiness has also extended to baking, of which i'm also trying to do more of.  So yesterday afternoon I turned this little set of ingredients...

Into these orange and squash cupcakes...

These scrumptious little beauties are delicious, and sort of good for you. Well, compared to normal cupcakes.  You see this little beauties are made without butter *gasp*.  I know, butter does seem like a vital ingredient in cakes, but the cakes contain a secret ingredient.  Butternut squash. I'm sure i've mentioned this before but i'm wheat and gluten intolerant, much to my annoyance.  Which means your usual cake is off limits.  So when I came across this delightful cookbook, Red Velvet Chocolate Heartache, my dreams were answered.  Harry makes all her cakes using an array of vegetables and ground almonds, to replace the butter.  And all her recipes are wheat/gluten free as she replaces normal flour with rice flour, hurrah!

Of course, she's not completely sin-less.  Butter makes a very welcome appearance for the icing.  Thanks goodness.

I hope your weekends were full of fun times. And may I just say a quick hello to my newest followers; Natasha de Vil, Lotusblossom, Anna and The Knitted Duck.  Thanks for joining me!  If you'd like to follow Clazzerati please click on the FOLLOW button on the right-hand side of the blog, just under my Twitter feed.  Btw, are we friends on Twitter yet? xx


  1. Mmmmm look really delicious and moist! (can't beat a nice cupcake)
    did you see the designer cup cakes they are amazing!

    you've inspired me to make up a batch today!

    London Girl Up North

  2. wow, those designer cupcakes are amazing - something to aim for me thinks! xx

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog :) The cupcakes look delicious :)

    Love, Vanilla

    P.s your blog is really cute too :)


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