Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year's eve

Happy New Year's eve my lovelies - I hope you all have fun plans tonight with your nearest and dearest.  The Bot and I are off to the Isle of Wight this afternoon for the weekend so this is my last post of 2010!

Let me first say a big thank you to everyone who has supported me with the blog this year.  'Clazzerati' was born in May this year and i've had so much fun doing it.  I've met some wonderful people because of the blog and learnt so much from other much more experienced bloggers.  So thank you for all your comments, advice and support this year.  

One of the best things about blogging, apart from the people you meet, is that it's forced me out of my clothes comfort zone and given me the confidence to just be me, and not worry what other people think of what I wear.  Maybe it's an age thing, who knows, but I can safely say that i'm pretty happy being me right now.  2009 was a terrible year.  I lost my father to cancer and started to question everything.  But 2010 has been pretty good.  I have wonderful friends, a great family, and the grumpiest man in the world to share my life with.  What's not to love.

To you all, a very happy New Year, and I wish you all the best in 2011. xx

Thursday, 30 December 2010

The perfect background

I wore this outfit to my sister's on Monday for our family Christmas dinner.  This dress has pretty much seen me through this festive period; a family dinner with the Bot's crew, my work Christmas party and finally my family Christmas.  It's the perfect Christmas dress. First and foremost it is suuuuuuuuper comfy, with plenty of room for the expanding waist (the belt naturally expands as the day goes on!). Secondly it's sparkly, and you can never have too many sparkles at Christmas.  Thirdly, it makes me feel like a lady, and I like that feeling!

As we got to my sister's I immediately knew I wanted to do an outfit post.  This field is right opposite her house and the fence was broken so I knew I could jump in easily. Plus the snow in London has all but disappeared now. The Bot was none impressed at my suggestion of a quick photo session before lunch.  I'm eternally grateful for all he does for this blog, I really couldn't do it without him, but he certainly likes to grumble whenever I ask him to take pics.  But this time round his retort was classic:

Me: "Pleeeease can we do some photos before lunch? It'll only take five minutes and the background is perfect. Pleeeeeeeeease?"

Bot: "If the background's that bloody perfect I'll be sure to bury you in it."

Charming, eh?  He really is the classic grumpy old man.  But he's my grumpy old man and I love him for it!

 These shoes from New Look have definitely been my best recent shoe buy.  They are super comfy and really easy to walk in...and best of all they were a steal at £23.99.  Lovely.

The breakdown
Dress: Marks & Spencer via eBay, £11.56
Stole: Present from the Bot's mum (originally his auntie's)
Belt: Hobbs via a charity shop, £5
Tights: Primark, £1.50
Shoes: New Look, £23.99
Brooch: Dulwich market, £10
Earrings (just seen): Present

Total: £52.05


Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Last minute outfit

I went out for some last minute drinks with a friend last night and threw this ensemble together.  I haven't worn these shoes in ages - not since I last wore this dress actually.  Do you have certain shoes that you always end up wearing with the same outfit?

My hair was also a complete mess so I just twisted into a bun and pinned in place. One of the only advantages of having really thin hair is that you can twist it into a bun and hold it with only three pins, easy!

Excuse the loose thread here - I didn't realise it was there until I started editing the photos, typical!

If you're new to the blog you may not no that every now and then I make my own clothes (see here).  I'd love to make more but unfortunately I just don't have the time.  If you also make your own clothes, let me know, i'd love to see your creations and share tips!

The breakdown
Dress: Handmade by me £8 (ish)
Lace top: George @ Asda, £5
Tights: Primark, £1.50
Shoes: Primark, £10.50
Brooch: Present from my mum
Earrings: Present from my friend Chris

Have you got any plans for New Years?  The Bot and I are going down to the Isle of Wight with some friends.  It's fancy dress so I just picked up a cave girl outfit (I was planning on making an outfit but as usual, ran out of time!).

Anyways, happy Wednesday my lovelies.  I'm off to Covent Garden with my dear friend Abby for some shopping and drinkies, but i'll be posting another outfit tomorrow. xx

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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Festive family fun

L-R: My sister, Louise; my bro-in-law, Ed; my mama; the Bot; and me!

Anyone in a relationship will know that means one thing at Christmas - two x Christmas, one with each family!  As I spent crimbo with the Bot's rents this year, that meant my crimbo with my family took place yesterday.  And this year mum had brought along some fun masks for us to play with!

I love this photo of us all - what a bunch, eh?!

My sister's beautiful puppy dog, Ruby
Isn't this Robin adorable?  And even better, my sister made it!  I think i'll be ordering a few of these for next year please.

Those of you who read the blog regularly will know I was making a skirt for my sister's Christmas present...and here it is:

Liberty fabric
The finished article

Contrasting pockets

And this is my sis doing her best 'Clazzerati' impression!

I hope you're all enjoying your Christmas breaks - it's always a bit of a limbo this period between Christmas and New Year, but i'm not complaining in the slightest!

...and here are a few more pics of the family in the masks, just in case you fancy a gander.

My sister as...some sort of fruit lady?

My brother-in-law as Charlie Chaplin

Me as Audrey Hepburn

The Bot aka David Bowie

The Bot as Clint Eastwood

My mama as Marilyn Monroe

Bro-in-law, Ed, as Elvis

Me as Marilyn

And last but not least, me and the Bot as Marilyn and Elvis - pretty hot, huh?  God, I look well manly, eek!

I'll be posting a festive outfit post very soon, so be sure to stop by.  

Big love all xxx

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Santa's little helper

Hello my lovelies, did you have a wonderful Christmas? The Bot and I spent a lovely day with his parents - lots of boozing and eating, feeling rather lardy now!

Now I don't mean to brag, but I really lucked out with my presents this year. My darling Bot got me a Pashley Poppy in pastel blue!  I am a very, very lucky lady. She really is the prettiest bike I have ever seen. I'll be posting pics soon - possibly a video if you're lucky! 

Ha, and get this, the Bot also got me a hand whisk! A hand whisk!?  If I didn't love him so much I'd have probably been offended.  But in all fairness, I did actually need one.  And i've now finally managed to ice my Christmas cake - a little late but better late than never, right?  

Argh, does anyone else feel completely all over the place at this time of year?  My routine is totally shot, and I love it!

So these pics were actually taken on Christmas eve, but I haven't been online until now.  You can tell crimbo was on my mind - my friend said I look like Santa's little helper!  

Now, forgive me for the rather unusual footwear, but I had been wearing these slippers all day. Rushing around the kitchen cooking a Christmas ham, baking florentines, wrapping presents - for this one requires sensible footwear.  Plus, I thought they added a certain 'Christmas je ne sais qua'- non?

Right, I better be going.  We've got Christmas take two with my family tomorrow.  We're going to my sister's new place - she just bought it with her husband a few months ago.  It's their first house so i'm sure she'll be going all out to impress.  

I'll be posting again soon, so be sure to check back! Lovage all round xxx

The breakdown
Dress: Primark, £10.50
Top: Primark, £1.50
Belt: Urban Outfitters, £10.00
Tights: Primark, £1.50
Slippers: Primark, £3.50
Headband: Present from my lovely friend Abby
Earrings: Vintage fair, £5

Total: £30

Thursday, 23 December 2010

People just keep feeding me nuts

Oooo, Christmas is so close now.  Are you getting excited?  I've pretty much bought all my presents, phew.  And i've even made my sister's skirt - did I mention that already?  If you follow me on Twitter then you'll already know but this year my sister asked me to make her a skirt.  Now I do make the odd piece of clothing (see some of my creations here) but I'm always nervous about making them for other people.  Also, I normally work with quite cheap fabrics, in the £2.99 per metre range.  But my sister wanted a Liberty print, so we're talking in the £19.95 per metre range.  Fooooook!  Anyways, it has been made, and i'll post pics in the New Year (well I can't ruin the surprise can I?).

 I love these little reindeers.  They were actually my dad's so of course that makes them even more special.  And the Bot created a little snow scene out of icing sugar - I was very impressed, ha ha!  

And the little fella at the top of the post is our nutcracker that we picked up in New York last Christmas.  They had these ads on tv featuring the nutcracker who kept saying, "Errr, people just keep feeding me nuts." in this weird little voice.  We found it hilarious but you'll just have to trust me on that one!

Do you like the new top?  I bought it from Hennes the other day - I just couldn't resist all the ruffles.  And it's not a colour i'd normally choose - it is terracotta? I'm not sure, but I like it and it's comfy and cosy.  Brillo.

An early Christmas present from my dear friend Hannah aka June

 The breakdown
Ruffle top: H&M, £12.99
Skirt: Primark, £10.50
Belt: Primark, £1.50
Shoes: Primark, £11.50
Necklace: Present