Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Too old to wear kids clothes? Never!

 These photos were taken by my mama last week. I dropped the Bot off at Heathrow airport early doors and then headed to Muswell Hill for breakfast with mam before we went to an antiques fair at Alexandra Palace.  Since writting this blog i've noticed that I plan my meals a lot - well, you can't be expected to wonder around a fair without stocking up on energy first, surely not!  The weather had (I thought) turned decidedly autumnal which in turn influenced my outfit choice.  I got these tights last year and despite the Bot hating them with a passion, I love them.  They remind me those thick wooly tights I used to wear at school.  And when my friend Claire at work told me her daughter Bella (who may I add is about 2) had a similar pair I did start to question whether they were still appropriate for a 28 year old.  But then I thought again and said b*llocks to it.  We get censored enough in this day and age without inforcing our own censorships upon us!

 Dress: Handmade by me  //  Cardigan: Primark
Tights:  Accessorize  //  Fur stole: via the Bot's mum
Shoes: Primark

And old Clazzerati has been featured in a couple of places on the tinterweb this past week or so too!

At The Look Show I was snapped by their street style photographer - what is going on with my face I do not know, clearly i'm a little awkward posing for pics when the Bot isn't around!

And secondly, i've got a post up over at New Look's blog, reporting on the The Look Show, so take a look if you get a sec. The Clazzerati love is being spread this week, world domination here I come!

Hope your weeks are going well one and all. x


Monday, 27 September 2010

To me, old age is always fifteen years older than I am

Urgh, why does Monday always roll around way too quickly?

So how was your weekend?  Did you have a good one?  It was my birthday night out on Saturday (21 again you understand) which gave me the excuse to dress up a bit.  I normally buy a new outfit for me birthday but I just haven't had the time, but I managed to find some sutibale attire in the wardrobe. I don't normally wear all dark colours but I liked how the coral nail varnish really stood out against the darker palatte of the clothes.  A slightly more sophisticated look for me, must be getting old!

Top: ASOS // Skirt & tights: Primark 
Shoes: French Connection // Necklace: birthday present from the Bot

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Goody two shoes

From left to right:
Thorntons fudge chocolate, Highland Spring Breast Cancer Care water, Toni&Guy serum polish, Burt's Bees lip balm, Westwood Rocks hairpin, Benefit lipstick (colour: no competition), Burt's Bees day cream, Dorothy Perkins beanie, Jergens naturals body lotion, Accessorize nail poliah and a couple of Jean Paul Gaultier eau de toilettes.

As promised here is a pic of all the goodies I received in my goody bag at The Look Show last week.  Not bad, eh?  The Thorntons chocolate was amazing, that little block wasn't nearly enough! And i'm loving the Benefit lipstick too - as seen in my last post. And I was particularly happy that we got a massive Jergens Cocoa body moisturiser - this stuff smells divine, trust me.

Hope you've all had good weeks. I for one cannot wait for the weekend - the Bot is back, yay, and i'm having double birthday drinks with my friend JV, roll on the party times.  Now i've just got to get through Friday, how hard can it be?!

Big love all xx

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


What do you think about this lipstick, too dark? I got it free in my goody bag last week and it was the same one the models were wearing for the show. I like how it feels kinda vintage-y but not sure if I look a bit too goth?

The fur stole that i'm wearing was kindly gifted to me by the Bot's mum. His auntie very sadly passed away earlier this year and when they were sorting through her house his mum found this and thought i'd like it. She wasn't wrong! It is real fur, rabbit I think. Now I would never buy real fur, but i'm quite happy to wear gifted, second-hand fur. Does that sound strange? Maybe, maybe not, but it's my standard so i'm sticking with it. I've got another fur stole in a lighter colour that again was gifted, second-hand that belonged to my granny. It's nice to wear things that have memories, don't you think?

This ring was left to me by my great auntie - it was her eternity ring: 13 alternative diamonds and saphires. Beautiful, huh? Hmm, just realies i'm talking a lot about people passing away, I don't mean to, it's just a vintage-y outfit and so a lot of the pices tell a story!

Dress: Spitalfields market // Fur stole: gift
Shoes: Primark // Tights: Primark
Ring: gift // Brooch: Market stall in Dulwich

What do you think about this lipstick, too dark? I got it free in my goody bag last week and it was the same one the models were wearing for the show. I like how it feels kinda vintage-y but not sure if I look a bit too goth?

Anyways, not much to report from me i'm afraid, work has been uber crazy recently making old granny here a bit tired. Oh yeah, it was my birthday yesterday. Ha, guess that's news! Was kinda sad because the Bot is in America at the mo but I went out with my mama instead and had some good old QT. We went to this amazing tapas bar in Soho, Dehesa, can't recommend it highly enough. The place is small but the crowd is buzzy and the food was delicious: pork belly with rosemary beans, squid & chorizo and wonderful gambas. Then we headed over to Ain't Nothing But... a little blues bar down the road from Dehesa. I had a wonderful evening, thanks mama!

Hope everyone is good and LFW hasn't completely ruined you all!

Big love to the followers! xx

Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Look Show that rocked LFW

Ah London Fashion Week, the highlight of many a Londoner’s calendar. Well, this year I decided to venture down. Not only because I’d won two tickets to The LookShow, courtesy of New Look (big thanks ladies!) but because since starting this blog my fear of “fashion” and the perceived “bitchiness” that goes with it has
disappeared somewhat.

So after filling my belly with a rather scrumptious fry-up at the Nightingale in Balham (highly recommended I might add – a cross between a French café and a trendy Brooklyn joint - oh yes, Balham has got good people) myself and my friend Lucy heading on down to the Saatchi Gallery.

First, a spot of street-style spotting. The crowds had dressed up, but there was a distinct lack of imagination to many of the outfits. Now I know this was a ‘high-street’ show, possibly dis-regarded by many in the fashion world, but I really felt that a lot of the outfits were simply “off-the-peg” and “this is what I should be wearing to a fashion show”. Still, we weren’t completely disappointed. (*some of these photos were actually taken after the show, in case we're splitting hairs!).

The lovely Olivia from Office was rocking some hot crushed-velvet trousers and amazing frilled shoes.

How hot is this girls hair? One of the few ladies rocking an effortless ensamble amongst the tangerine high-street honeys.

Loving the oxfords, hat and shorts.

Good shoes and jumper, lady on the right.

All eyes on the shoes. Laces rule.

Taking summer's maxi trend into autumn. With style.

…and onto the actual show. Before it began we coiffed suitable amounts of champers courtesy of the lovely M&S and canapés were coming in our direction from all angles. I’d like to think the waiters thought Luce and I needed feeding up, but I think it was more to do with the fact we had taken the opportunity to relax on the floor for a bit. Anyway, from here we could do some much loved c-list celeb spotting. To say I felt like I had entered a reality TV show would be an under-statement. We had: Shane Ward (v.short, quite good-looking), Ali Bastian (very lovely), Lucy (Welshy from last year’s X factor, pretty non-descript). After the show we were treated to even more “stars” with Diana Vickers, who performed (amazing legs, less of the wangy hand – she has clearly been working on this) and…drum roll please (this next guest made my friend Lucy’s year)…Joe McEldry! Yes, the younger brother of the nation’s sweetheart Cheryl Cole was there in the flesh*. What a sweetheart he was. Too much foundation though boy (oh dear, I am getting old, sounding like his mum no doubt).

Sorry, I was getting to the show bit wasn’t I? Right, we took our seats and snapped up the goody bag. Thank you lovely sponsors, it was full of goodies. Useful bits too: umbrella, beanie, lipstick and more. I’ll take some pics and show you later in the week.

The show featured collections from: Dorothy Perkins, Monsoon, H&M, Mango, New Look, French Connection, Next, River Island, Oasis, M&S and Warehouse, and I was glad to see a full range of sizes. I think we had a whole selection from size six to probably a size 14. Good work Look magazine, glad to see you’re actually representing the British ladies in all our wonderful shapes and sizes!

So, what trends are emerging this season on the high street? Snuggly, warm, fuzzy trends that’s what. The fashion gods have finally answered my prayers and being comfortable is IN! Think cable-knits, faux-fur coats, in fact think fur-anything and you are so on track. Fur gilets, stoles, hats and bobbles reined supreme on the catwalk.

There was a distinct nod to the alpine Nordic forests with patterned jumpers. Just make sure you belt up that jumper and accentuate your waist with a thin belt. Fur extended to the feet too with tough lace-up boots lined with sheepskin making them look oh-so-comfortable to wear.

Of course the Aviator jacket was seen a lot. I think almost every high street chain will be rocking their version this season!

And the 70’s tailored look was spotted a few times. Perfect for office atire! I had expected a lot of 50s style full skirts to be on show but none were in sight. Mad Men clearly hasn't made much of an impression on the high street!

Make-up seemed to favour the 90’s Goth look: plumy lips and brown smoky eyes, and hair was predominantly swept off the face.

My only criticism – bare legs. I know it’s the catwalk but seriously guys, us Brit ladies LOVE tights! I challenge you to name someone you know who doesn’t live in tights during autumn/winter in the UK. Maybe it’s the American influence from shows like Sex and the City? I read in Vogue this month that Americans, particularly New Yorkers, refuse to wear tights no matter how low the temperature reaches outside. Well, us Brits ain’t New Yorkers. We like our legs to be warm. And if those luscious 100 denier tights happen to allow us to relax our wax/shaving (insert as appropriate) regime in the winter months, well so be it.

After the show we saw performances from Diana Vickers (have I said that already? Think so, I have a tendency to repeat myself) and Gabriella Cilmi – they were both pretty good. Felt a little old, but hey, can’t complain too much! We also both got a lovely hand massage from a lovely man from Jergens naturals and got a complimentary mini make-over from the Benefit girls, thank you!

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I totally rocked as a faux-paparazzi. We were outside having a sneaky tab when all of a sudden the paps went wild. But who could it be? Keisha from the Sugarbabes. I muscled in, shouted her name and got a perfect shot. I looked totally out of place but I thanked her and she smiled sweetly and laughed– she knew what I was up to!

I’ve waffled on and I’ve made myself tired – this morning was a rather early start as I dropped the Bot off at the airport. He is off to Indianapolis for work and left me all alone. Ha ha, I jest, it gives me time to catch up on…well…myself really! I’ll post some more LFW pics tomorrow that I took at Somerset House – a great place to hang out during LFW (thanks Jill for the advice).

Oh yeah, I was totally on-trend in my bargainous faux fur jacket that I picked up in New Look's sale last year - £10 I tell thee!

Oh, and I went for the lace-ups in the end. Thanks for the advice ladies! x

My lovelies, I wish you good night, and god bless. xx

p.s. apologies for any typos but I am exhausted.

p.p.s another apology for the random font size and formatting but Blogger is not behaving this evening but I want to get the post out, so please bear with it!

*just pointing out that Joe McEldry is not the younger brother on Cheryl Cole, but you can't deny there is some weird similarities going on there!

Friday, 17 September 2010

LFW = crazy lady

Arggghhh massive stress this morning. I'm off to the Look Show at the Saatchi gallery for London Fashion Week today and I still can't decide which boots to wear.

What do you think? I'm wearing them with a black maxi, lace top and faux fur coat. Help!

Oh, and i'm having a seriously bad hair day.

If you're going to be at LFW today catch me on twitter. I'll be heading over to Somerset House later this afternoon - would be lovely to see some familiar faces!


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The weekend that was Besteeeeeeeeeeval

Festival hand on the first day. So clean.

My homemade costume!

Best not to ask.

The shiek and Ariel

Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood and Ariel

Not quite a man-sized hole, but a hole none-the-less.

Flash Gordan, the shiek and the King of Hearts

Ariel and Snow White

The shiek and Ariel

Tissue! Soon to be burning boot.

Cocktails and Dreams

The boys push while the girls watch


I'm back in the land of the living, just! Wowzers, what a weekend it was!

In summary:
  • The boys were late picking us up so we missed our ferry. Nothing unusual there.
  • On the drive down we saw two flying tents on the A3. Some girls had strapped them to the roof of the car. Not very well as it happens.
  • The van broke down, twice. It also set fire for a bit, that was pretty entertaining.
  • I found my bikini bottoms in the tent that I lost during our trip to France back in June.
  • Dizzee Rascal was awesome. And I am quite annoying continually chanting 'Let's go, let's go, let's go' while we wait.
  • People are very friendly in toilet queues.
  • Anything goes for fancy dress - see photo #3.
  • Sausages can be eaten for five consecutive meals without getting boring.
  • I would be quite happy dressed as a mermaid everyday.
  • Cocktails and Dreams is THE best venue ever.
  • Rain is ok for four hours. Sun is much better.
  • When you forget your vans keys, climbing on the roof and tearing through the net is acceptable behaviour. See photo #6.
  • When the sun goes down peeing anywhere, as long as there is grass, pretty much becomes the norm.
  • Mocha chai tea is the best.
  • I am getting old.
  • Fantasy is fun, but you have to come back to reality at some point.
It's good to be back, I missed you!

Hello to Lady Bird, Reena Rai, Platform Princess, Jill at Polka Dot, Bolty, Lady Velo and Vint Junky for all your wonderful comments! I really love reading all your comments so keep 'em coming. New followers, say hello so I know who you are!