Wednesday, 30 June 2010

What's new pusscat? 30.06.10

You can't touch this! I love my MC Hammer trousers but I do think they are one of those fashion items that girls love and guys just don't get. But they are just soooooo comfy and perfect for this heat!

MC Hammer pants: New Look
Vest: H&M
Sandals: Accessorize
Necklace: Handmade by me

(another BBQ - does anyone else love halloumi cheese am much as me?)

Why is it some days start off so badly?

Most nights I decide what I’m going to wear the next day and lay out (aka throw on the floor) so that when 7am comes around I can create something that is passable for human consumption. So last night I put out my blue and white nautical dress and yet this morning, it’s nowhere to be seen. And I mean, no where. I’m shouting at the Bot but it’s like some mystical creature has come in the night and stolen it. Still, I bite the bullet and enter the abyss of the wardrobe and decide on some old jean Capri pants and a lace/waistcoaty thing, as seen previously here. I’m half way through pulling up the jeans and rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrip, the crotch rips. I mean, come on, give me a frickin’ break!

Long and short of it I found a pair of uniqlo cut offs that I’d completely forgotten about and made it safely in to work in plenty of time. Oh yeah, and the sun is still shining, so obviously everything will be fine!

Do you like the necklace I’m wearing? I made it myself following instructions from the wonderful …loveMaegan. She takes high fashion trends and recreates them using really simple techniques, stylish and affordable, my kind of lady.

Check out her post from yesterday featuring a video of Kesha’s Tik Tok song with a remixed Star Trek video, brilliant!

Happy Wednesday my lovelies, half way through the weekend already, yay!


Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The weekend that I never wanted to end

As promised, full details of the weekend. It really was one of the best weekends of my life (and it wasn’t even my birthday). The Bot turned 30, which is pretty momentous in itself, but the weekend was just amazing.

Friday night we hung out with friends at The Grand Union in Brixton. We (and when we say we, I mean he) had left organising a venue until the very last minute and Friday afternoon was spent desperately searching for a venue with a lot of outside space due to the intense heat (I know, it sounds weird saying that about London, right?). The night was awesome though – booze + sunshine + my bestest friends. Doesn’t get much better, right?

(crazy birthday glasses, love em!)

Ah ha, queue Stevie Wonder and he trumps the lot. I mean, he was A-mazing. I really felt like I was in the presence of a LEGEND. The Bot and I have both wanted to see him for ages and when the chance came to get tickets and combine it with his 30th, no excuses were needed.

But wait, it gets better. He pulled out a lot of the classics; Superstitious, Isn’t She Lovely etc, etc. But the best bit was when he sang Happy Birthday to Ronan – incredible! (ok, I must admit it wasn’t actually to Ronan, but it felt pretty special all the same.)

Please excuse my singing, I got rather excited!

And then the final *special moment* of the night. Remember how I’ve been taking about My Girl of late, here and here. Well, talk about things coming in threes. Stevie only bloody starts singing My Girl! Now, I don’t know about you but do you not think that’s a bit weird? Old film, even older song, and then my legend starts singing it too. I was shocked. Mouth open, jaw dropping. Don’t you love it when random things like that happen?

So, that’s Friday and Saturday done. We’re getting a bit tired but the weekend is not yet over. Yup, all the kids from Friday night pile back to ours for an all day BBQ/football/boozy day. It was brill. The football, well, blind faith can only get you so far, it was bound to end sooner or later. And now at least we can focus on the tennis and add in a dash more blind faith for Murray. Is this his year? Doubtful, but seeing as the football is over we might as well back him!

So, I hope you enjoy all the piccies from the weekend.
And a massive thank you to all our friends for making it truly one to remember for a very long time. Love you long time xoxo

(p.s. i'm having real trouble with uploading photos side-by-side, i'm literally pulling my hair out! I've started uploading my photos to photobucket, and then resizing the images, and then using a code I found on the net, but my images seem to be absolutely huge, and don't fit on the page. If anyone has any tips or anything please, please let me know! And apologies for the random posting a moment ago! Merci buckets xx)

Monday, 28 June 2010

But you'll look sweet, upon the seat

This weekend was the best weekend i've had in a very long time. Did you have a good one in the sunshine?

I'll post all the deets tomorrow as I don't want to miss anything out but in the meantime I wanted to share with you this amazing company I only came across recently.

The company is called Cycle Chic and they have an online store both in the UK and the US. When I started cycling to work about 2 years ago I was really bummed by the last of fashionable and fun accessories for cyclists - everything was really mundane and functional. That was until I cam across these guys!

The Basil Memory pannier above is one of my favourites - who said practical had to be boring- the print is so cute and anything but boring!

This Po Campo Rack bag is adorable, even the name is fun! How have I not seen anything like this before? It is quite pricey but hey, who can put a price on beauty, eh? This will definitley be going on my birthday shopping list!

The company also have a blog where you can find out about any upcoming listings in the shop.

Have you come across any stylish cycling gear? Let me know!

Till tomorrow my sweets and a full post then. xoxo

Friday, 25 June 2010

Dirty thirties

To my wonderful Ronan, Happy 30th Birthday!

We've got lots of birthday plans this weekend; drinks with friends tonight, seeing Stevie Wonder in Hyde Park on Saturday and then a birthday bbq on Sunday, which neatly ties in with the next England game!

Have a great weekend one and all xoxo

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

What's new pusscat? 23.06.10

Another scoorchio day in London town today. I am LOVING cycling to work at the moment, everyone seems so much happier and i'm constantly taken back to childhood memories of cycling everwhere and running through sprinklers (hmm, it sounds like I lived in the 50s, maybe i've created these memories and they didn't actually happen, but they sound nice, non?).

So here is my outfit post from Saturday night, before I went out. I wasn't feeling particularly inspired so I went to my "safe" BDG jeans that I picked up in New York last year and teamed it with this lacy top and a necklace, simples.

(my friend called me while the Bot was talking the pictures, i'm not just posing!)

Top: Fred & Florence at Tesco (simliar version online here)
Jeans: BDG via Urban Outfitters (similar ones found here on the UK site)
Shoes: Marks & Spencers
Necklace: Asos

What do you think about the shoes? I picked them up at Christmas from Marks & Spencers and I was pretty impressed. I had originally gone there to buy a nude vest (what else do people go to M&S for if it's not underwear?) but got sidetracked by the shoes which were pretty good, and comfy! I think as well you get a certain confidence from M&S products that they're going to be of a certain quality.

I've just ordered a few things from the Urban Outfitters online sale - check it out, there are some awesome bargains to be had! I've ordered two skirts, some funky socks, a lacey top (can you actually ever have too much lace?) and I think that's it, hmmmm, is it bad when you can't remember what you've ordered? Ah shoot me, it's my money!

And here's a more normal picture of me looking like a doofus, what a tool!

My wonderful company are giving everyone the afternoon off to watch the England match - isn't that awesome of them? Love it. Come on England!!

Big love one and all xxx

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Summer lovin'

Oooo what I wouldn't give to be driving to the beach in a VW campervan, surf boards in the back, right now!

Enjoy the sunshine lovelies xoxo

(p.s. I have neither a campervan or a surf board, and i've never actually been surfing, but a girl can dream, right?)

Monday, 21 June 2010

What's new pusscat? 21.06.10

Do you remember my post last Thursday when i'd had a pretty crabby day but i'd heard 'My Girl' on my ipod and it totally made me smile? Well, random or what, i get home yesterday after my walk along the canal and it's only on TV? Crazy or what? Ok, in the grand scheme of things not massively crazy, but a coincidence none-the-less!

So this is the outfit I wore yesterday for our walk:

Pleather Jacket: Primark
Dress: Asos
Leggings: H&M
Pumps: Primark
Scarf: Original Lucy Jackson design

It was fun goofing around a bit more while the Bot took my photos, I thinks it's more me! We used the continuous shutter which was worked really well when I was jumping off the ledge. I love this scarf. My friend Lucy designed it and the final design was bought by Marks & Spencer - she is one talented lady. This dress is so comfy and I love the vibrancy of the red. It's kinda an orangey red which I think suits me better and makes it a bit more wearable. I love how asos always put hidden pockets on dresses, i'm a sucker for a good pocket!

Have you got any plans for this evening? Two of my darling friends are cooking me dinner - it's so nice to have a night off and be spoilt, i'm very lucky.

Have wonderful evenings all xoxo

"There is nothing -- absolutely nothing -- half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats"

Morning lovelies, the sun is shining which always = a happy clara, how can you not smile when it's so lovely. Oh, that's right, when you have to sit in an office for 8 hours. Nope, still smiling!

So how was your weekend?
I've had a lovely weekend; watching the footy with friends, shopping, birthday drinkies (even though I ended up feeling very bad) and the most wonderful walk in the sunshine yesterday.Have you ever been to Little Venice? Nope, nor had I but the Bot and I drove up to Maida Vale and walked along Regent's canal - I thoroughly recommend doing it if you're ever in London. The canal was originally opened in 1820 to link the Grand Junction Canal's Paddington arm with the Thames. It's a lovely scenic walk which will take you about 45 minutes and you get to look in to the gardens of the most amazing houses too! If you know me, you'll know how much I love looking at others peoples houses and I love house hunting!
random cow on the balcony

The walk takes you past London Zoo where you can see some of the warthogs and bird, pretty cool, and then the walk goes straight into Camden market, one of my favourite places in London. I'm sorry I didn't take any shots here but i've been coming to Camden pretty much all my life so it felt weird to suddenly be photographing it! In fact, I was actually born in Hampstead and on my birth certificate it says 'Borough of Camden' - cool huh?

Whenever the Bot and I go to Camden we always get lunch from the same place, this little Spanish stall that sells cornbread with a delicious shredded beef, cheese and refried beans filling, it's delicious. And it's such a treat for the Bot and I because we're both wheat/gluten free - not out of choice but we both suffer from IBS. We're pretty lucky that we both have it - it makes life a whole lot easier when it comes to eating in/out as it means we rarely go to an Italian and never order pizza. I know, I used to eat pizza ALL the time, but I can't really complain, it does force you to be healthier, even if everything is way more expensive. Anyway, we were buying our lunch and I asked the guy if you could just buy the cornbread to take home and he's like, in his spanish accent "are you wheat, free?" and i'm like, "yeah, wheat and gluten free" and he says, "I give you a present" and gives me two extra cornbreads for free, how nice is that? Honestly, it's little things like that that restore my faith in humanity (it doesn't take much, just a little gesture for me to get all warm and fuzzy!).

Here are some other cool pics from our walk
Happy Monday lovelies xoxo

Friday, 18 June 2010

Come on England

I'm not ashamed to admit it. I've been totally caught up by the world cup mania and have become extremely patriotic about my homeland. While some see the England flags positioned here there and everywhere as rather chavy, I am loving it. What's chavy about supporting your own country, eh? I remember when people thought it was cool to wear trackie tops with Brazil and France blazoned across their chests. I don't think the England version really took off. I digress. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of chavs out there rocking their patriotic style and at any other time of year I would be inclined to snigger and quite possibly pass comment. But for the few weeks where the whole country is full of optimism and really start to believe that this year will be 'our year' every time I see someone decked out head to toe in the latest England kit and trackie bums I simply smile and too start to believe, this really could be our year. My (or should I say the Bot's) England flag courtesy of The Sun (oh come on, where else could we get it from, really?) will be flying high and proud tonight in southwest London. Come on England, the chavs are all behind you tonight.

Bon weekends one and all

Thursday, 17 June 2010

What's new pusscat? 17.06.10

Cardigan: Primark
Vest: Primark
Skirt: Spitalfields market
Leggings: H&M
Shoes: Primark
Necklace: French Connection

Ok, so this was my second attempt at documenting what I wore. It is also my first attempt at making my images bigger on the blog, which has resulted in making them all slightly fuzzy. Bear with me, i'm on a huge learning curve and learning as I go, I WILL endevour to improve everything!

This is what I wore to work yesterday. I'm pretty lucky with my job because we can pretty much wear anything we fancy. I don't think i've actually spoken about what I do yet, non? Well I am a PA at PR agency in southwest London. I love it. I've been here for 4 1/2 years so I guess that's proof in itself! Anyway, back to the outfit. The Bot said it looks like i'm wearing an apron - do you agree? I guess in the photos it might a little, but in real-life i don't think it was that bad! I picked up this skirt at Spitalfields market last year for only £10, bargain central (did I mention I love a good bargain?). And what's a girl without leggings, eh?

Hope your days are going well. I'm having some old and current work friends round for a bbq. The sun is shining and I canne wait.