Friday, 28 May 2010

bank hol bol

The bank holiday is almost upon us and it today is my last day in the office before I zoom off on holiday, double bonus!

So what are you up to this bank holiday weekend?
I'm off camping in Woolacombe in Devon with some friends and despite the forecast of rain i'm really looking forward to it! We're booked in to go coasteering tomorrow morning at 9.30...

coasteering is a mixture of swimming, climbing, scrambling, and traversing the coastline. When it is safe to do so coasteering also allows you to jump into the sea from height -

Looks like fun, non? I'll let you know how i get on...


holding back the years

(L-R jezzer, me, bolty, georgi, han, stu)

Today is my friend Georgi's birthday - happy birthday G! This photo was taken at our friend's wedding back in 2008, such a brilliant day but I thought G looked particularly hot in her LBD, I know the Bot thought so, ha ha.

mwa xx

Thursday, 27 May 2010


If you're in London this bank holiday weekend check out south-west jumble sale at the Tooting Tram & Social - Sunday, 12-6pm. Clothes stalls, music and booze; a pretty perfect combination for a Sunday me thinks.


Let's get phyiscal

I'm off on holiday this weekend and in typical fashion i've left everything to the last minute, including the gym. I joined the gym about 1 1/2 months ago when two of my bessies moved round the corner (we hoped peer pressure might be the motivation we needed) but until this morning I had avoided the actual gym. I'd been to classes and been heckled at by the Body Combat witch (aka teacher) and i'd attempted to swim, but the gym just plain scared me. But I finally broke my cherry and went this morning. I had hoped I could summon my inner wasn't to be but I had fun on the bouncy fit ball and particated in some gentle perving - not a bad start to the day.

Anyway, on my cycle to work (I found with cycling to a place I can't really stop due to lazyness because of course, I have to actually get there) I realised that I have become something of a 'nodder'. For those filthy readers I do not mean the urban dictionary's definition of nodding, but more the old-fashioned gentleman's way of making a gesture. When I started cycling to work I thought car users would just ignore me and not give me any right of way. I was wrong. But in order to thank them I have found that a simple nod does the trick. And it always makes me smile, like i'm participating in a sort of lost art form.

So, are you a nodder?

Lovage lovelies xx

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

I before E except after C

So no post yesterday as I was out of the office on the grammar training course. Now my grammar isn't great, and I was once told by my english teacher never to take an 'essay' course, but apparantly i'm not that bad! I do wish however, that someone had taught me all the rules before I went to university, it might have come in pretty handy! (and in case you're wondering, I received a 2:1 from Loughborough University in Communications and Media Studies, so there Mr Barratt!)

So can you spot the mistakes in the following signs?The second is my favourite. The guy who originally posted the image on this website said - "Any warning from an illiterate should be taken seriously." Love it - i'm in no way a snob, but I love his sentiment!

After my course I took a little trip into Soho and Covent Garden to get some much needed clothes for my holiday next week. Maxi dresses are everywhere! As a gal who is bottom heavy the mini skirt certainly is not my friend, but the maxi dress is hoorah! I ended up buying two maxi dresses, a pair of hareem trousers (an ode to MC Hammer) and some hot pants from New Look. Now I know I just said that i'm bottom heavy but the Bot has been going on and on about me wearing shorts, reassuring me that my legs aren't the mahoosive tree trunks I make out they are, so I bought some. Whether i'll actually wear them is another thing, but I think they could come in handy on the bike rides we'll be taking. And on another quick note, have you been to New Look lately? I went to the Oxford Street store and they have got a serious amount of good stuff in their at the moment, loving it! And cheapy too, love a good bargain!

Toot sweet for now xx

Monday, 24 May 2010

don't cha just love kids?

Jo over at a cup of Jo posted a link to this great website, 'Shit my kids ruined'. Good for a quick Monday afternoon giggle.
(and if you're wondering what the handprints are made from, it's peanut butter, phew).
mwa xx

Park Life

Aren't these seagull picnic blankets by Anorak gorgeous? And perfect for the park or beach. xx

blooming marvelous

What a fabulous weeked! The Bot and I had our first bbq of the year and spent a lazy day of the common crisping our skin in preperation for our holiday next week. I'll post some pics laters but as i'm going on holiday next week I thought i'd post a pic of the shorts i've been lusting over at asos - if you've never checked out ASOS you are missing a trick! They are a fantastic website with fashion-forward affordable pieces which are always bang on trend, go asos!
Aren't they sweet? And I think they'll be perfect for cyclcing along the coast in Ill de Re, don't you think?

Happy Monday all xx

Friday, 21 May 2010

It's a new dawn, it's a new day

Day one in the blogging world...

Wowzers, today is a hot one. It's scorchio outside and i'm stuck in the office. Ah well,the weekend is almost upon us, only a matter on minutes to go and the weekend will begin, wahoo!

Have you got any plans for the weekend? I'm catching up with some lovely friends this evening to possibly have the first bbq of the summer, exciting times. And the Bot's old childhood friend is over from NYC so we'll be having a big bbq birthday bash on Sunday, can't wait.

And as this is my first ever post i'd like to dedicate it to JenLovesKev. I came across her blog about 6 months ago and she has inspired me to start blogging! She is a teacher across the Pond in the US and she is just wonderful. Her style files are great, really accessible and she is so passionate about things that you can't help but look forward to hearing about her life. And she is expecting her first bubba this year with her fab husband Kev. She is one yummy mummy! So Jen, if you ever read this, thank you for jump-starting my online life. I'm looking forward to getting involved in this amazing blogging community!

Big kisses space, I can only dream at the moment of having actual readers! xx