Thursday, 30 December 2010

The perfect background

I wore this outfit to my sister's on Monday for our family Christmas dinner.  This dress has pretty much seen me through this festive period; a family dinner with the Bot's crew, my work Christmas party and finally my family Christmas.  It's the perfect Christmas dress. First and foremost it is suuuuuuuuper comfy, with plenty of room for the expanding waist (the belt naturally expands as the day goes on!). Secondly it's sparkly, and you can never have too many sparkles at Christmas.  Thirdly, it makes me feel like a lady, and I like that feeling!

As we got to my sister's I immediately knew I wanted to do an outfit post.  This field is right opposite her house and the fence was broken so I knew I could jump in easily. Plus the snow in London has all but disappeared now. The Bot was none impressed at my suggestion of a quick photo session before lunch.  I'm eternally grateful for all he does for this blog, I really couldn't do it without him, but he certainly likes to grumble whenever I ask him to take pics.  But this time round his retort was classic:

Me: "Pleeeease can we do some photos before lunch? It'll only take five minutes and the background is perfect. Pleeeeeeeeease?"

Bot: "If the background's that bloody perfect I'll be sure to bury you in it."

Charming, eh?  He really is the classic grumpy old man.  But he's my grumpy old man and I love him for it!

 These shoes from New Look have definitely been my best recent shoe buy.  They are super comfy and really easy to walk in...and best of all they were a steal at £23.99.  Lovely.

The breakdown
Dress: Marks & Spencer via eBay, £11.56
Stole: Present from the Bot's mum (originally his auntie's)
Belt: Hobbs via a charity shop, £5
Tights: Primark, £1.50
Shoes: New Look, £23.99
Brooch: Dulwich market, £10
Earrings (just seen): Present

Total: £52.05



  1. Gorgeous outfit, love the outdoor background :)

  2. That dress is beautiful. And you're right, that backdrop looks amazing too.

  3. I love love love the pleated skirt detail! I 'lost' a similar dress on ebay. Still smarting!
    I can relate to your grumpy photog. I usually end up trouncing off alone with a tripod ;)


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