Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Last minute outfit

I went out for some last minute drinks with a friend last night and threw this ensemble together.  I haven't worn these shoes in ages - not since I last wore this dress actually.  Do you have certain shoes that you always end up wearing with the same outfit?

My hair was also a complete mess so I just twisted into a bun and pinned in place. One of the only advantages of having really thin hair is that you can twist it into a bun and hold it with only three pins, easy!

Excuse the loose thread here - I didn't realise it was there until I started editing the photos, typical!

If you're new to the blog you may not no that every now and then I make my own clothes (see here).  I'd love to make more but unfortunately I just don't have the time.  If you also make your own clothes, let me know, i'd love to see your creations and share tips!

The breakdown
Dress: Handmade by me £8 (ish)
Lace top: George @ Asda, £5
Tights: Primark, £1.50
Shoes: Primark, £10.50
Brooch: Present from my mum
Earrings: Present from my friend Chris

Have you got any plans for New Years?  The Bot and I are going down to the Isle of Wight with some friends.  It's fancy dress so I just picked up a cave girl outfit (I was planning on making an outfit but as usual, ran out of time!).

Anyways, happy Wednesday my lovelies.  I'm off to Covent Garden with my dear friend Abby for some shopping and drinkies, but i'll be posting another outfit tomorrow. xx

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  1. Hi Clazz, thank you for your Christmas wishes, that's so true about Roz, I feel, and it's funny I was thinking the same thing in these shots: you've got amazing eyes: a bit like Sophie Dahl, large and expressive. (I always wished I had bigger eyes).

    New Year's Plans: just having dinner with my husband at our friends' house who live nearby so we can walk there. We might be a few couples or maybe just us four, and the husband is a great cook but we'll divide courses. But now I'm thinking we should make it fancy dress!

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas, too. xx

  2. cute outfit and your pin is adorable.

  3. I love the outfit, gorgeous shoes too!

  4. hi darling! hope you're having a good week. you're looking cute sweetie.
    thanks for stopping by me
    happy new year

  5. Jill - thank you for your lovely comment. Have a wonderful New Year's -it's been great "meeting" you this year, you're like the fairy godmother blogger - full of wisdom and advice!

    Abmer Blue Bird, Nicole and Ediot - thank you as always for your sweet comments xx


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