Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Festive family fun

L-R: My sister, Louise; my bro-in-law, Ed; my mama; the Bot; and me!

Anyone in a relationship will know that means one thing at Christmas - two x Christmas, one with each family!  As I spent crimbo with the Bot's rents this year, that meant my crimbo with my family took place yesterday.  And this year mum had brought along some fun masks for us to play with!

I love this photo of us all - what a bunch, eh?!

My sister's beautiful puppy dog, Ruby
Isn't this Robin adorable?  And even better, my sister made it!  I think i'll be ordering a few of these for next year please.

Those of you who read the blog regularly will know I was making a skirt for my sister's Christmas present...and here it is:

Liberty fabric
The finished article

Contrasting pockets

And this is my sis doing her best 'Clazzerati' impression!

I hope you're all enjoying your Christmas breaks - it's always a bit of a limbo this period between Christmas and New Year, but i'm not complaining in the slightest!

...and here are a few more pics of the family in the masks, just in case you fancy a gander.

My sister as...some sort of fruit lady?

My brother-in-law as Charlie Chaplin

Me as Audrey Hepburn

The Bot aka David Bowie

The Bot as Clint Eastwood

My mama as Marilyn Monroe

Bro-in-law, Ed, as Elvis

Me as Marilyn

And last but not least, me and the Bot as Marilyn and Elvis - pretty hot, huh?  God, I look well manly, eek!

I'll be posting a festive outfit post very soon, so be sure to stop by.  

Big love all xxx


  1. I love the masks! Did you make it yourself?

  2. Looks like a fabulous time, great masks =)

  3. next year I will be taking a cue from your family and getting masks, they are great

  4. Thanks for all your comments - the masks are so the way forward, muchos fun!

    Liz - my mum got them off the internet somewhere, but i'm pretty sure you can get them at most fancy dress shops. The Bot and his friend recently bought Ant & Dec masks for a party - they were a massive hit with girls asking to have their pictures taken with them! x


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