Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Don't underestimate the power of a hat

Brrrrrrrrr, it's cold out here!  Wowzers, how cold is it these days?  Winter is most certainly here and that means the official winter coat needs to make an arrival: the sheepskin.  I picked up this coat in a charity shop when I was 17.  I was shopping for an outfit for a 70s fancy dress party and thought this would be perfect.  When mum saw it she couldn't believe i'd picked it up for only £14.50 as it's 100% sheepskin and told me to keep it, "It'll come back in again, you just watch!"  Funny how mums always know isn't it.  It came in really handy last year when we had all that snow and it's proving a winner again this year.  

Have you got snow where you are?  I was starting to think it was rather snow fair (sorry, couldn't resist!) that everywhere apart from London had snow.  Well we've got it now but it's not settling :-(  And what I say is the point of snow that doesn't settle, hmmmmmm?


This is my first attempt an some animation on the blog - I think it turned out pretty good.  What do you think? Would you like to see more stuff like this?

This is my happy hat.  I bought it just after my dad passed away last year and while I wouldn't normally spend £45 on a hat, I couldn't resist.  It was one of the first things I remember actually making me smile after he'd passed away. You may say that just makes me materialistic?  Maybe, but anything that can make you smile at a time like that is worth investing in - trust me.

The breakdown
Sheepskin coat: £14.50, charity shop
Hat: £45, Helene Berman (OU)
Scarf: present, Warehouse
Shift dress (just visiable): £10.50, Primark
Leggins: £9.99, H&M
Gloves: £1.50, Primark
Boots: £35, Absolute Vintage

Can I also just say a massive thanks to all my readers out there.  I started this blog six months ago and I really do love reading all the comments you guys leave me.  Blogger stats tells me that people are reading my little old blog all over the world: UK, US, Ireland, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Canada, France, Netherlands, Poland, Sri Lanka, Australia, Argentina, Slovenia, Thailand and South Korea. Wow!  If you read my blog and I haven't mentioned where you are from do let me know.  I'd love to hear from all of you so don't be shy, leave me a comment!  And you can follow me on twitter too.  Big love all xxx

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