Friday, 10 December 2010

Christmas gifts for him

Check out these affordable gifts for that special man in your life. All under £50, wonderful!

Aldi's Philippe Michel Cremant Brut

Godminster vintage cheese combo

Simple xmas gift bag

Brylcreem - Kevin Pieterson limited edition

Barney's quilted jacket for men

The Way of F**k it

Harris tweet iPad cover

The Pen Shop 3oz hip flask

Vintage leather pocket watch

Ted Baker limited edition gift set

Vintage red bowling bag

Lumberjack beard

1. Philippe Michel Crémant du Jura, 75cl £6.99
Now you can't go wrong with some nicely priced bubbles at crimbo.  And what better than an award winning bottle of sparkling dry vintage Chardonnay from Aldi. (Which?Best Buy 2009,  WC 2010 Bronze and IWSC 2010 Bronze, Quality Drinks Awards 2010 winner). Nice.

2. The Godminster Vintage Combo Pack £23.00
It's a bit of a British tradition to have some apres dinner cheese.  So why not treat your boy to a bit of British vintage cheese with beetroot and apple chutney, made locally in Somerset. It would be rude not to help him out with this present - double bonus.

3. Simple for men Active Essentials gift set, £8.00, Boots
It's fair to say most men need a little helping hand with their beauty routine.  Give him a kick start with this nice little starter pack from Simple - nice and manly looking so he needn't be scared.  Included in the pack: face wash, shave gel, aftershave balm and a daily moisturiser. And it all comes in a handy little wash bag. Wonderful.

4. Brylecreem paste, Kevin Pietersen limited edition, £3.49, Boots
If your man is mad on cricket and he's spent the last few weeks following the Ashes then this could be the present for him. Hair product + cricket ball = two birds and one stone.  Verdict from the Bot = not bad!

5. Barney's Originals mens quilted jacket with cord collar, £40
Now this is what I call a bargain. Sod Urban Outfitters or Fred Perry, get an affordable, gorgeous and on-trend quilted coat for your boy.  He'll love you for it, trust me.

6. The way of f**k it, from £3.88,
I'm a big fan of toilet reading.  That and giving two fingers.  And so it the Bot.  So this book caught my eye. The concept behind this book is you can transform your life by just saying two words. Apparently the book can inspire confidence and give you self-assurance.  I'm not entirely sure about that, but it'll certainly make for some amusing reading on xmas day. F**k it.

7. Harris tweet iPad cover, £54.99
Ok so this isn't strictly under £50 but I love this gift. Practical and beautiful.  If the Bot had an iPad, he'd be getting this for crimbo. Sadly he doesn't, but my neighbour does. Not sure the Bot would be too happy about me buying him an xmas pressie though!

8. The Pen Shop Hip Flask, £26
It's winter, it's freezing, and in my opinion every man should have a hip flask.  If only to offer to his lady to warm her up on a cold winter's day.  So why not help things along by getting him this sleek little number.

9. Vintage leather pocket watch, $24
Add a bit of old-fashioned gentlemanly charm to your man's wardrobe this Christmas.  If i'm honest, if I bought this for the Bot i'd probably end up stealing it from him on a regular basis.  It's beautiful, isn't it?

10. Ted Baker limited edition gift set, £8.00
Add a bit of spice to his life with this limited edition gift set containing body spray and body wash.  Infused with subtle spices of lemon, grapefruit, cardamon, red chilli, amongst others, this is an ideal little stocking filler.  The Bot has given these the thumbs up, so get involved.

11. Vintage red bowling bag, $34
If your man's into the vintage look (and if he's not, well he should be) get him this original vintage bowling bag.  He can show off down at Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, or just carry his lunch to work.  This is just a one-off, being vintage and all, so if you want it, you better hurry up! The bag measures 15" tall.

12. Knitted lumberjack beard, $19
And finally, the classic non-essential but highly desirable xmas gift.  Something you never thought you'd need until you saw it.  Keep his chin warm and put a smile on your face with this cute little knitted chin warmer.  Just one piece of advice - stay away from the playgrounds when wearing this little number boys.

...and for some Christmas for her, check back on Monday when i'll be sharing a super long post on what to get the special woman in your life!

Bon weekends all xx

Disclaimer: I did receive samples for some of the gifts featured in this post.  Thank you to all who sent through samples!

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