Monday, 22 November 2010

You say goodbye, and I say hello

Hello lovelies, did you have good weekends?  The Bot made a welcome return which was delightful and the rest of the weekend was spent having some QT with my dear friend Wehrle and partying on Saturday night.  I double booked myself but luckily both the parties were in Dalston only a few roads apart.  The slight glitch - the second party was fancy dress, 'Under the Sea'!  On the plus side it meant I could re-use my Bestival costume and become a mermaid again, good times!

This outfit would be a lot cheaper had it not been for the shoes - but how could I resist?  I picked them up in Argentina on my travels - i'd been looking for a pair just like them so when I stumbled across this gorgeous little boutique in Palermo it was an easy decision.  I know I wear a lot of Primark and high street clothes but I love having bits that you can pretty much guarantee no-one else at home will have!  Especially when you get to reply, "Oh this? I picked it up in Argentina!".

I picked up this Singer sewing machine cover at the weeked for only £2.  What a bargain!  As you'll probably know if you read the blog when I can find the time I like to make my own clothes (unfortuntely this isn't as frequent as i'd like and I can be a bit lazy in actually completely projects) but because of this I love old vintage sewing memorabilia.  At my mum's house we have her grandmother's old sewing machine.  It weighs an absolute ton but it's gorgeous.

And the briefcase?  That was my dads.  It reminds me so much of him that I couldn't never part with it. Ha, I bet he never thought when he bought it (he was a solicitor) that it would end up being used as a prop on this blog!

I think this may be a debut for the glasses on the blog too.  I wear glasses for reading, at work and driving, but my eyesight isn't that bad so I don't tend to wear them the rest of the time.  These ones are from D&A - they were actually the free pair when you bought a designer pair of glass.  I got Prada, and naturally I wear these D&A own brand ones which were only £11.95 all the time.  That'll teach me to get something just for the label!

Dress: £15,Primark
Shirt: £14.99,H&M
Tights: £1.50,Primark
Shoes: £60,Argentina
Briefcase: free, via my dad
Earrings: £5,Vintage fair
Glasses: free, D&A


  1. love all your vintage finds. that bobbled cream jumper and briefcase are awesome. i vote yes to the briefcase. i think it's super cute. xx

  2. Aw i love this look! Gorgeous jumper and that singer was a total STEAL!

    It's wonderful that you use your dads old briefcase. If i'm feeling especially down or low or just really miss her, i wear my nan's old church hat, and then i feel as if she's with me. These little sentimental things help, don't they hon?

    Glad your back

  3. thanks for all your comments guys - seems like the briefcase is a winner, dad would be proud! xx


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