Friday, 19 November 2010

When in doubt, layer it up

I've been feeling like a very bad blogger of late but honestly 'life' just seems to have taken over of late.  Not that i'm complaining, what's not to love about catching up with friends, but I do feel like i've neglected the blog a little.  I'm also blaming the Bot - he's been away the past week in the States which means i've got no one to help me with the photos! Last time I attempted to take my own shots this happened. 

Aaaaaaaanyways...these photos were taken at the weekend - the Bot and I had to pop down to Portsmouth to sort out a few of my dads bits (he used to live down there) and of course I took it as an opportunity to get a new back-drop for some photos - two birds, right? 

I actually bought this turban aaaaaaaages ago but hadn't quite got round to wearing it yet. The lovely Sarah over at Mocha-Soy-Whippy, who does lady elegance so well,  has the same one.

For me winter is all about layering it up to the max.  I'm terrible at controlling my temperature - freezing one minute and hot-flushing all over the place the next - so layers are ideeeeeeeeeal!

There is something about wearing driving gloves that makes me feel like i've gone back to a forgotten time

Hat/turban: £15, Topshop
Fur stole: free, via the Bot's auntie
Brooch: £10, Dulwich market
Cardigan: £12.50, Primark
Shirt: free, via a friend of a friend of a friend
Leggins: £8, H&M
Boots: £15, Primark
Gloves: £2.50, Primark

Always take advantage of clothes going free - this shirt was actually from a work friend's boyfriend's housemate. Random, but good if you're on a budget!

Have wonderful weekends one and all xx

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