Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A right royal knees-up

Unless you've become a hermit the past week you'll know that there is a royal
wedding taking place very soon. And not just any old royal wedding, one that we're actually interested in, Wills and Kate. Oh yeah, we get the day off gratis too - nice one Cameron, guess you think you're on to a winner with the timing of this one, non! Oh yes, the media has gone wild speculating the date, the venue, the dress and the public seem to be fully on-board (I think the day off has defintely helped!).  In fact a friend of mine has already declared that she will be holding an official 'Kate and Wills' wedding party - hats compulsory of course. 

Well the date has been set - Friday 29th April - which means two four day weekends in a row, with just three working days in-between.  The way life should be really.  It also conincides neatly with my wedding of the year as it's the day one of my besties ties the know with her beau.  Move over Kate and Wills, that weekend is dedicated to Cullers and Marky!

Anyway, I read yesterday in the Telegraph fashion online that Fred & Florence at Tesco had released a replica of the Issa London dress Kate wore to announce the engagement, and that said dress sold out in an hour! Impressive. (The Issa dress also sold out in an hour, according to the Huffington Post)

So what do we think, good replicor, or bad? I might add at this point that Tesco's dress come in at a snip at £16 compared to the Issa dress which costs £385.  Cashing in on the royals, or genuinely providing an affordable imitation for consumers? Ok so you're not going to get the quality, that is of course a given, and I think they could have carried across more of the gorgeous ruching across the centre panel. Oh, and they forgot the arms (is it just more or do 3/4 and full-length arms add a certain class to a dress?), but I don't think it's a bad copy.  I'm sure i've seen similar styles at M&S for a lot more.

I've no doubt we'e going to be seeing a lot more 'as seen on Kate' replicas hitting the shelves over the next few months, years and even decades. This lady is sure to be one of our generations newest style icons. Personally, I find her dress rather conservative, but then who doesn't try to impress the in-laws during the courting phase? 

And I can only imagine how quickly the imitations of her wedding dress will take to hit the shelves - I'm betting 24 hours, max.

To finish off a little video that was sent to me a couple of days ago, in-keeping with the royal theme of today's post, naturally.



  1. OHHH I do love Kate! I think they could have copied the colour a bit better, that is what really stood out for me! But in general it's a nice enough dress!
    Well she's definitely going on my list of classic ladies I lust after... Condelezza Rice, Michelle Obama, Audrey ...

  2. Thanks fro your comments Melan! Audrey is top classic lady of all time - simple elegance that isn't seem too much these days x


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