Sunday, 14 November 2010

Argentina of dreams

Why hello lovely readers, after what seems like an eternity I am finally back online and back on the blog!

Thank you for all your well wishes before I left and apologies for not responding to everyone individually. I actually came back last Saturday night but i've spent the last week catching up things. And catching up with all your blog posts - you guys have been busy while i've been away!

Argentina was the most amazing of all holidays. I'll try to keep it brief - I could  carry on for hours.

We started off in the capital Buenos Aires - a cross between a European city and New York.  Lots of crazy yellow taxis (man do they drive here - you are constantly fearing for you life!) and big tall buildings, and the people were great.  Our first day was a bit of a disaster - first Fran had her bag stolen and then a quick nap before dinner turned into a 16 hour sleepathon! But after that we took the city by storm.  On one night we joined three American guys and a great Canadian couple for supper club in the home of a wonderful guy called Dan. He and is partner cook for you in their typically Argentinian home.  I defintely recommend. And the rest of our time was spent eating delicious steak, coiffing lots of red wine, tango-ing and strolling round the markets in San Telmo, seeing the colourful buildings in La Boca and soaking up the atmosphere.

Buenos Aires is full of amazing grafitti

One very daper gentleman in BA, and a bit of a tango legend
Even trees need accessorising sometimes
The wonderfuly colourful La Boca
Perfecting my tango moves with the professionals
From BA, we headed north 16 hours to Iguaza and the falls.  The pictures speak for themselves.  If you ever get the chance to visit, I thoroughly recommend taking the boat ride which takes you right up to the bottom of the second largest waterfall.  A soaking is de rigour.

The stunning Iguazu falls
Fully prepped for the best water ride ever
This little fella took a shining to Katy, and stayed with us for a good half hour as we wondered round
Local celebs at the falls

From Iguazu it was another overnight bus to Cordoba.  If you're ever in Argentina, you have to take the bus.  For anything from £25-£60 the middle range bus (cama class) gives you an almost fully reclining sofa chair, dinner, champagne, breakfast and they show English films.  Mostly.  On our last journey the film was in Russian.  You can't win them all. In Cordoba we went horse riding in mountains and met the wonderful Marcelo who ran the ranch.  He used to play polo in London and tells the best stories.  If you're in Cordoba in summer he hosts all day parties at his ranch.  Get invovled, he is ace!

Dining out in Cordoba

Day trip to Jesus Maria, just outside Cordoba
The beautiful Jesus Maria
Ladies on horseback!
Me and the beautiful Pansona
Riding like pros
And then onto Mendoza.  Wine, wine and more wine.  And a five-course lunch with paired wines on a private terrace. Heavan.

My new best friend, Candy who lived at the Monky hostel in Cordoba
Chillaxing at the winery.
From left - right: Cat, Katy, Penny, Clare, me and Fran

And then all too soon it was back to BA and some last minute shopping. And then home and back to the Bot. 

Four of us bought bags from this guy, clearing out his stall!
My lovely ladies, thank you so much for an AMAZING holiday!
The biggest road in the world

Thank you for your patience while i've been away - normally posting will resume this week.  I have to say it has been a bit of a shock going from summer back to winter but i'm adjusting into my winter wardrobe nicely and have purchased some items so watch this space!


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  1. Aw it looks absolutely wonderful!
    Horse-riding, tango and wine...pretty damn perfect holiday ;)
    Glad you had such a good time


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