Friday, 26 November 2010

Andrew Barton + BAAF + bubbles = a fine evening in London town

Me, Gav, Blakers the ungrateful and Sophs

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know that on Wednesday evening I and a few of the gals from work went to a charity event at Andrew Barton's salon in Covent Garden. The do was to raise funds for the very worthwhile charity The British Association of Adoption and Fostering (BAAF). Bubbles were served on arrival at the small and intimate gathering at the salon and then Andrew, as a patron of the charity, gave a few words. And can I say when a genuinely nice bloke he was - just as he comes across on tv, that warm infectious smile shone through. An adopted child himself, his words were heartfelt and meaningful and you could see how much he believed in and valued the charity.

Anna and Sophs

The main dude himself, Mr. Andrew Barton

Digging the doggy wallpaper

Champs chilling in the wash bowl

After the speech, a raffle. First prize a cut 'n' colour at the salon, second prize a scarf and gloves, third prize, bubbles. Unfortunately I didnt win anything (I was convinced i'd win the hairtcut) but my friend Blakers did - the bubbles - and did she accept the prize gracefully? Did she heck. 'Can I swap?' were her words to Barton on receiving the gift. I think most people say thanks Sarah - you can't take that girl anywhere honestly!

Blakers hides her disappointment at not winning first prize and manages a smile with Barton
Me and Justin, my new fave hairdresser
"Ah right, yes, I get exactly what you mean. Uh huh, mmmmm."

After some more bubbles we were whisked downstairs for a hair consultation. I admit I was a little apprehensive about this part of the evening. As a girl who flits around her hairdressers and is quite non-committal I feared for the worst, "madam, you're 'air is terrible" (i'm not sure why i've gien the faux hairdresser a french accent, it just seemed to fit).  As it turns out I needn't have worried, much. The hair wasn't quite as bad as I thought and so I asked a question I have never asked a hairdresser before - what would you recommend? The response - just a trim (turns othe split fringe is a bit on-trend at the mo, isn't that the way when you don't actually try you look better?) but with some colour. Slightly darker all over, with lighter bits underneath and at the ends.  Make sensey?  Probably not.  Think Alexa Chung or Caroline Flack.

Alexa Chung
Caroline Flack

I have to say I've always loved Alexa's hair, so I was sold. I've booked myself in for next Friday so fingers crossed I like it, otherwise I'm a bit fooked for crimbo! 

Anna "two cuts" and our other fave stylist

We ended up having a really nice evening and on departing we received a little gift from Andrew - some Redken goodies.  The stylist I spoke to Justin (awesome dude) told me one week of using Redken products and i'd be sold. Try one day. My hair is super clean and shiny after just one wash and two days.  Damn it!

Hairdressing aside it's the people who really make this salon unique. The stylists we met were awesome and made you feel extremely welcome. Andrew actually said in his speech that when opened a year ago (actually it might have been two years ago, god my memory is shocking) that he had wanted to create a small, intimate and welcoming salon - one where customers didn't feel intimidated. Well he certainly achieved it. 

Thank you to everyone at Andrew Barton and BAAF for a wonderful evening xx


  1. wow, this sounds fantastic!! I'm sure the new 'do will look beautiful dear. I'm contemplating something new myself. xxx

  2. great blog!

    We follow you!

    come by and follow us if you want :D

  3. Oh i love being pampered at the hairdressers. I don't really get much pampering myself as my hairdresser is also an old friend and seems to think it's funny if everyone gives me sub-standard service (on purpose!) but then i get a discount so i can't have it all!
    I love Alexa's do, think you would really suit it...and gigles to your friend being totally nonplussed at winning a new do!

  4. sounds like fun, i loooove redken. also, challenge accepted, in 2 weeks or sooner, i will have christmas puds on mah nailz xx


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