Monday, 11 October 2010

Think I need to get me a vajazzle for my va jay jay

And so another Monday rolls around - i'm starting to become convinced that there is a man somewhere who speeds up my clock between 7pm on Friday and 6.30am on Monday!

My weekend was spent double-dating on Friday, chillaxing on Saturday, watching copious amounts of X Factor (the Bot will never understand that despite viewing the show on Sat night I still have a need to watch it again on Sunday), visiting the Cycle Show and starting to make a new dress.  Oh, and a little thing called vajazzle came into my life.  God bless you Essex for enriching my life once more. If i've lost you, you need to check out ITV's new show The only way is Essex.  It's a poor man's version of the Hills.  Tragic but brilliant.

We had intended to buy my birthday present at the Cycle Show but found that a lot of places weren't actually selling their stock - I know, go figure.  Still, we had fun dreaming of unaffordable purchases and I got to test out a Pashley on their commuter track.  Sorry if you're not a cycle fan, but hopefully you can enjoy some of the pics.

Poppy, by Pashley.  Ain't she a beaut?

This is the bike i'm going to get.  It's a Princess by Dawes and before you all launch into attack at the lurid green colour, i'm getting it in Plum.  I'm thinking of decorating the basket with some flowers or mini-bunting, what do you think?

Loving these cycle helmets, shame I can't remember the brand!

You can ring my bell any day with one of these.  Tweet tweet.

This rain cape by Brooks was perfect, exactly what i'm after except for the price.  Does anyone know where I can buy an affordable rain cape? Answers on a postcard pls!

Cute little Bromptons

Me and the Bot on a modern Penny Farthing!
Yes, I did mention that i'm making another dress.  I absolutely love dress-making - knowing you are wearing something that no-one else in the world has rocks, but it can be a bit time consuming!  Oh, and I can be a bit lazy.  So, I figured if I officially announced on the here that i've started, I should hopefully get it finished before my hol - have I mentioned i'm off to Berlin and Argentina next week?  I'm attempting to make a 1950s dress with sleeves - it's my first attempt at long sleeves so it could be a complete disaster but we'll see.  I'll do a full post when it's complete!  You can check out some of my other handmade outfits here and here and here.

 Jumper: Vintage  // Jeans: BDG
Shoes: Primark  //  Glasses: Prada

Happy weeks all, mwa x

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  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic time - loving all the photos!


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