Thursday, 21 October 2010

So long, farewell

Lovely people, i'm sorry this isn't a longer post.  I'd meant to write you a loving goodbye, but i'm afraid it will be short and sweet.

This afternoon i'm hot footing it to Berlin with the rest of my lovely colleagues for our annual jolly.  And then tomorrow i'm doing Berlin - London - Madrid - Buenos Aires!  Yes, I cannot wait.  I've never been to South America before but i'm looking forward to eating lots of steak, drinking muchos wine and tango-ing the night away.

I'll be back online on 8th November and i'm already looking forward to reading all your blogs and seeing what you've been up to!

Till then, adios amigos, and muchos love.


  1. Have a wonderful time! You're so lucky!
    Look forward to your return xx

  2. hope you're having an amazing trip. xx

  3. You lucky lucky thing!! I hope you have a fantastic time on your holiday xx

  4. Wow how exciting hope you have a fun trip x

  5. How did you find Argentina? It is my dream destination, along with Costa Rica!

  6. Ah, Argentina was amazing, you have to go, Melan! I've just posted a whole load of photos so take a gander on the blog! xx


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