Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Hello budget town, i'm coming to get ya!

Say what you will about Primark - for me it is the one-stop fashion destination for fashion buying on a budget.  Can't afford the latest designer ensembles?  Then get down to Primark cos they are nailing it right now.  Ok, so their budget prices come at a cost - you can't expect the finer detailing the designers are famous for and sure. Sometimes you put them in the wash and bid them a tearful goodbbye.  Think of Primark as your one-night stand kind clothing: so hot right now and certain to put a smile on your face, but if you're looking for any kind of long-term commitment and REAL quality, forget it.

How cute are these furry, snuggly outfits - perfect for the cold weather that has just set in!


If anyone can find these boots in a size 5, let me know!  The gorgeous Jacqueline over at Plaform Princess has these bad boys - shoe envy!

Simple and stylish and only £28 for the tunic and the shoes, yummy!


Lace bib blouse: £15

Paneled velvet and satin dress: £25

Bandeau jacquard maxi: £29

Brocade Bodycon dress: £23
Sumptious velvets, jacquards and brocades take over for the night - whether you're a bodycon girl or a free flowing maxi, be sure you sizzle when the sun goes down.


  1. Ohh who doesn't love themselves a bit of Primark?

    These new pieces look gorgeous! May take a wander down myself.

    OH! I've had a primark top for about 4 years now, it's still in fab condition. They're so hit and miss with quality!


  2. Love the one-night-stand idea and totally agree, wear once and wave tatty bye bye's. But during that once you can feel damn good so it's worth the hassle of a snoop around the cattle mart that is Primark!
    Great post

  3. I'll agree it can be a great place to find some treasures (or even fancy dress items)... and the above outfits posted even tempted me! But the origin of the products leave me with too much of a bad taste in my mouth. Although prices have gone up in the last year or so, and hopefully this is reflected in the quality of their factories in India and the like, it is sometimes disconcerting to see items as low as £4...
    Not that you can ensure that paying £80 for the same thing would guarantee it's from a better working environment... It's tough!


  4. Chrissy - you're so right, it totally can be hit and miss. I guess cheaper prices = no quality control!

    Lara - thanks for your comment. I hate the cattle mart too but no pain no gain, right?!

    Melan - I agree, it is tough. I'd like to think (or hope) that since the expose a couple of years ago that working conditions have improved. We live in such a transparent environment these days that companies can no longer hide. Perhaps the increase in prices is a reflection of that. If anyone knows anymore, please get in touch, i'd love to know if Primark has proactively sought to improve working conditions.


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